Reader Writes About Spamming

Note: This post is written by one of our readers. TPJCian Magazine does not represent the opinions stated below.

I would like to share what I think, no matter how absurd or offensive it may be.

Firstly, I find that some of Joshua's posts, are spam. Topics like 'fruits' could be argued as to serve as a discussion about the ethics of spamming, but ironically, I find that it's just another post to boost the fruit level.

Having said that, there are other threads that serve the spamming purpose. Posts like 'spammer's corner' definitely encourage spamming, and sometimes I, myself, find guilty of doing. Sometimes one just lose control and try to attain a better 'status' and the expense of the welfare of the community. Perhaps common forum practices like locking/deleting threads be in place, thus allowing bygones be bygones.

Now, this might get rather personal. I find that Joshua compares TPJC with his school too much. I mean, we understand that his school might be better, but how he puts it seem to imply the omnipotence of his school, chucking our resentments aside. I find that rather inconsiderate. But he is doing less of that now, so it's a job well done!

Having said that, let's be objective. Treads tend to side track, it's inevitable. Though most would argue that it's a major taboo, I find that sidetracking, instead, helps us to understand the other party. (see sidetrack xD) An irrelevant report could be something as small as personal bias, difference in judgment or even be amplified by a social thing (can't remember the term). It's like a form of pressure to follow suite when you see someone doing it (and i think this is the cause of littering =\)

I think a solution would be to, allowing the fruits to remain, but removing the post counter, ranking (definitely promotes immature acts)...and I've just realized I'm talking about the spamming problem o.O


Blanketeer said...

Well, the sad thing is, most forums are not totally free of spam. I am guilty of that too, especially in my class forum and CCA forum. Somehow, even if there are new measures to curb spamming, someone, will certainly find other ways to bypass it, or exploit the loopholes in it. At least, the spamming problem is still small, compared to other forums where MANY, not only one, replies "lol" at one go.

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