So Who Is The Real TPJC Hater?

An anonymous netizen is on the loose planting his hate messages against the college on our blog. The hater is allegedly impersonating other students to cover his malicious act. One of the most prominent victims is Felicia, a JC1 student from Meridian Junior College. She had written a post to deny that the comments made in our blog was published by her. The culprit may be using the opportunity to further fire up the rivalry between the two junior colleges.

Below is a blog post written by Felicia:

This blog post is for those who are interested in the TPJC scandal,
here is what I have to say.
firstly it was Temasek Poly then now Tampines Junior Collage.
Honestly, I have no grudges against either
Temasek Polytechnic or Tampines Junior College.
Like, why would I go and offend them,
and openly put my name and bloglink and everything there?
to make sure people see my malicious comment,
and come to my blog and flame me?
how absurd.

I'm really quite put off by the fact that
someone impersonated me.
And I really don't know who the person is.
I'm really sorry to the people who were offended by
"Felicia''s comment and I feel as indignant
as you all would to the impersonator .

I don't take such events lightly because
I hate it when I get accused of things that I did not do.

To whoever who impersonated me, I really hope that you will stop it, really.
If you don't like me you can come find me
and we can talk it all out.

your immature act is really getting on my nerves
and I would also like to really find out why you don't like me D:

The original comments made by the alleged TPJC hater and impersonator can be found HERE.


tpjciancomments said...

pruss huan... must $exposed the mastermind behind this...
Loh Weh Leong Leonard (08S30) 25 Apr 2009 8:52 pm

tpjciancomments said...

His hate messages? How sure are you its a he? We need the TPJC CSI team to get to work.
Aw Jia Hao Willie (08S06) 25 Apr 2009 9:42 pm

Anonymous said...

wah the person very free ar

Anonymous said...

mjc go to hell lah.

tpjciancomments said...

hm...kind of inevitable,in a way...we should most probably do something about this kind of situations.it is getting really irritating.
Lewis Loy Chuan Kng (08S09) 26 Apr 2009 1:19 pm

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