Wednesday, 8.45am: My View

I just realized about an hour ago that TPJC has implemented a new rule which allows students to report to school by 8.45am on Wednesdays. This means that school will begin about an hour late on that day. I came across a forum thread entitled "Wednesday 8:45am. whats your view?" which discusses on the pros and cons of the new rule.

A lot of TPJCians lamented that starting the school late on Wednesdays will not have much of a positive impact on them. Most of them complaint that they may have trouble boarding the bus due to the morning peak hours. Others grumbled that the new system may affect their CCA practice schedules.

Nonetheless, a few TPJCians are delighted by the new rule as they are given more time to sleep and rest. Some decided to give the new system a try before throwing a knife at it while the rest thought that it can never please everyone in the first place.

In my opinion, I think TPJCians should let the new system go through a trial period first. I believe students should still come to school early and use the extra time to take a quick nap before morning assembly begins. The buses and trains are often crowded with working adults during the morning peak hours, especially after 7.30am.

That said, if the new rule proves to be a failure after going through the trial period (of about a month), I have a suggestion that may benefit the students. Why not start school even later on Wednesdays? Some schools start at around 11am every Wednesday. CCAs are shifted and held in the morning on that day. I believe this is a more long-term approach to help students study and rest better. During test or examination periods, CCAs are often stopped and students step up their revision and will usually study till late at night. They can have more time to rest and not suffer from fatigue during lessons the next day. Furthermore, they can also easily avoid the early morning peak hour and take the 10am bus to school.

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