ZAHADA - A Compilation of Hints And Tips

Written by Lim Cheng Chong (08S15) and Seah Wee Lun Alan (08S27).
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Zahada Riddles!
Our hints and tips are structured in the following order:
1. Vague hint
2. More obvious hint
3. Give-away hint

Question 01
1. The answer is there.
2. Look! It's in the page.
3. Words in bold mean something.

Question 02
1. It sounds like one letter, but is spelt with three - Consider all letters of the alphabet.
2. What can be blue, black or grey?
3. It's part of the anatomy.

Question 03
1. Red herring refers to misleading 'clues' that lead to nowhere
2. Look everywhere. Don't limit yourself to just the web page.
3. Look at the extreme ends of the page.

Question 04
1. Why is 'anything' shorter than 'string'?
2. The answer has nothing to do with "quack".
3. Think about rhyming.

Question 05
1. Look at the title of the page.
2. What word sounds like it's one letter, but is actually spelt with five?
3. Read out the dialogue, and listen to that sound you keep making. If you get it, the last line will make sense.

Question 06
1. Hints can be hidden anywhere. Make sure things that have the same color as the background show up.
2. The answer is two letters - What are the two letters you get out of "Empty"?
3. Read out the word. Do you hear yourself saying the answer?

Question 07
1. Save the picture and zoom right in
2. Don't keep staring at one spot. Move around. If you're zoomed in enough, the answer jumps right out at you.
3. The answer has nothing to do with fish. But look closely at them, and you'll see the answer staring at you.

Question 08
1. Sharp jaws don't necessarily have teeth.
2. What doesn't need claws to cut?
3. I have one of those in my pencil case.

Question 09
1. Don't just look at 'it'. Try to find out more about 'it'.
2. Did you realise that the last line isn't text? It's a graphic.
3. Everything has its *properties*.

Question 10
1. There are five hints available for you. Have you found them all?
2. You need to look at the source of things.
3. "View -> Page Source" in Firefox, or "View -> Source" in Internet Explorer.

Question 11
1. Look at the fish in a different way. The same way you used to last time.
2. You're dealing with binary here. Your windows calculator (in scientific mode!) will help you.
3. Make sure you are in "BIN" mode throughout!

Question 12
1. Remember, text color and background color need not be different.
2. Look in the same old place where they've been hiding things all along.
3. Look in the source.

Question 13
1. You have to look for what you're supposed to find out.
2. See the Google logo? Go on.
3. The answer is NOT Everest. Go look it up.

Question 14
1. Not a day of the week, but closely related.
2. If you need to, retype the hint without the spaces. The spaces will distract you.
3. Unscrambling refers to rearrangement.

Question 15
1. What a searching question!
2. Make sure you're copying the WHOLE quote.
3. The question is WHO.

Question 16
1. See the description? Aren't there some things that we describe in a similar manner at school?
2. Use Google. Nobody is stopping you. (The starfish is a red herring)
3. Bolded letters mean something. Put them together, and see what you get.

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Question 17

1. The letters in a foreign language tell you something
2. Read the title of the page very quickly
3. The name of the country starts with "T", and the answer starts with "B"

Question 18
1. Not using firefox? Skip straight to hint 3. Otherwise, look around the page.
2. Something on the page, which remains the same for past questions, has changed in this question.
3. Identify this flag: http://images.encarta.msn.com/xrefmedia/sharemed/targets/illus/flg/T049066A.jpg

Question 19
1. See how each line relates to the previous line
2. See how each line describes the previous line
3. "There is 'x' number of 'y's on the previous line"

Question 20
1. If you can get an answer but it doesn't seem right, remember that your answer should be in LOWERCASE =D
2. Doesn't the guy in the picture look ancient? How do these ancient people count?
3. I get the feeling that the ancient guy is Roman.
Need more help?
(Think of roman numerals)

If FOUR is half of FIVE

and two thirds of SIX is NINE.


Question 21
1. "2=O" should mean there are two of them.
2. What does G and Y have anything to do with searching?
3. They are just names. The answer is the name of Y.

Question 22
1. What is it that you cannot see?
2. Add up what you cannot see.
3. What you cannot see = Total - What you can see.

Question 23
1. Don't forget what you've been doing so far.
2. There are three words in the final answer, written as one word.
3. The numbers refer to the question numbers that you've done so far.
Need more help?
Recall previous answers and take the first letter of each answers.

Replace all the numbers by a letter, so as to form 3 words. Then put the 3 words tgt to form the answer.

Question 24
1. Just one letter from each.
2. If you see more than one letter, pick the first one.
3. Getting a series of garbled rubbish? I'm guessing you don't take Physics. Go look it up on Google.

Question 25
1. There isn't much english or mathematical formula behind this - It's merely mechanical.
2. Seriously, watch where your fingers are going.
3. Look at your keyboard. Look at the letters.

Question 26
1. Ignore the graphic
2. Google up every character. Which English letter do they look like?
3. If you're getting loads of funny stuff, it may simplify your life by ignoring the first character, and the last five.

Question 27
1. Similarly to the previous one, only the first letter counts.
2. The letters form a sequence we used in primary school to remember some stuff...
3. This sequence has something to do with the stars...

Question 28
1. Every picture represents a letter.
2. The letter is the name of whatever is in the picture. Put the letters together to get numbers, which represent one member in a series of 26 we use frequently.
3. More hints? The drink is called Tango. DiCaprio acted as Romeo before. Lopez acted as Echo. The album is called foxtrot. There are probably some you haven't seen before. Fill them in.

Question 29
1. Homophones sound about the same.
2. The answer is the one in red.
3. In this case, both words are even spelt alike... They both start with "P".

Question 30
1. The third line is very difficult. Figure out the rest, and fill that in.
2. In #4, a falling cloud refers to what falls from them. In #5, what do you call yourself?
3. In #1, being stung by a bee creates a painful swelling. In #2, just find out the second cubic number.

Question 31
1. Go ahead. Add them up. Identify the shape, and find the brightest one.
2. Can't identify the shape? We usually draw it with five 'legs'.
3. The brightest one. No, not the one that shines on us - The second brightest one, then.
Need more help?
Do some research on the brightest star.

Question 32
1. Directions can be misleading. If you hit the wall, be defiant to the instructions.
2. When you move, pick up EVERYTHING along the way.
3. Don't just put in whatever you get. Google it up, and put in the 'broad category' of that thing instead.

Question 33
1. Follow the instructions first.
2. Use a real calculator.
3. You don't always have to look at your display from the same side.


amandaaaa(: said...

wow thanks for this hahaha.

Ivor said...

Hey CC, you're not supposed to provide walkthrough hints.

Anonymous said...

stumbled upon this. u past lvl 44?

Anonymous said...

Anyone can help with 38?? Please

Anonymous said...

I know about *one* day..Boris *seven* and gross=144 but cant get the right amount!

TPJC GIRL! said...

the hints are rly helpful.
But, im still stuck at 27 (the planets one) ARGH.
i thought it was P tt was to be removed, apparently not.

azhar said...

For 38:
Should take note of words such as gro**, doz** and sco**...
Range: The answer is more than 300. <-- dont look at this unless you're sure thats what you wanna do.

Source: Alan Seah (TPJCian)

ht said...

Help with 44 anyone??

ht said...

OK nevermind I got it. :)

Anonymous said...

Still stuck on 38...I got SPOILER

Gross 144
Dozen 12

All I keep getting is 317..please help...is it below 400...?

azhar said...

Its below 400, but above 300.

If still can't get the answer, here's a bigger hint:

[One] fine morn' Boris [Seven] did say,
"an adventure should i have on this numerical day!"
[He and two friends (note its 3 people)] then off did set
in search of numbers that they could get.
A [dozen] hen's eggs and then [four] more,
a football game; [5]-[1] the [score (=20)],
[seven] white ducks and one [gross] frog,
[nine] lives of a cat and [18] logs,
[two] silver spoons and [two] golden cups,
[thirteen] pink socks and [nine] young pups.
Done, they did count all they could see,
adding each time and it wasn't [83].

Source: Alan Seah (TPJCian)

Anonymous said...

anyone know wat to do with lvl 65? do we cut or fold or...?

Anonymous said...

qns 27...once a planet

Anonymous said...

took me forever
it's in between 300 and 345

Anonymous said...

can anyone help me with question 39? i have seen some other hints but they aren't helping and this is driving me up the wall!!!

Alan said...

Here are some simple hints for 39-47.

Complete the crossword, and unscramble the letters in the red boxes to form a word. In the end, "document" it!

40 and 41.
Use monospaced fonts like courier new.

The elements mean something. Easy level.

Go wikipedia or Google and learn more about the sign language.

I did this without the crossword part. Collect all the letters that take you from the crossword to the end of the maze.

Wikipedia or Google the keyword. You don't need to know how to play chess.

Find words in more dimensions. ie, stack the crossword one on top of the next, and find words that runs 3-D. The crucial word is the last word.

Go wikipedia or google it. 2 answers to this and will take you to 2 different levels: 48a and 48b. You'll need to go through both.

Anonymous said...

im stuck at level 44 . any idea how ?

Anonymous said...

Gees , i still dont understand . How am i suppose to stack those crosswords up (refering to lvl 46) ?

alan said...

stack it up, 1 on top, 5 below.

Anonymous said...

stuck on 42 help.... dun understand the question at all.

Anonymous said...

48b anyone? got 40a all the way to 50a but cant do b ?

Anonymous said...

I am stuck on 44 as well...I think i have the right path on the maze..."Ends with" but then after that I have no idea what to do! Please help!!

Anonymous said...

How do you stack the scrambled puzzles on lvl 46?? It doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

how is lvl 47's answer suppose to be like?

Anonymous said...

can somebody pls help on 46??

Alan said...

42: Find what are the symbols for the individual elements.

44: Don't forget the "M8" part. M8 sounds like? So what ends with "M8"?

46: Stack them up and some words may be found vertically, or as a diagonal of the "cube" made by the 5x5x5 crossword.

47: there are two answers to it. Find the word that mean "long word" and another word that mean "word with many syllables"

48b: what does "A cliche-ridden humbug and pie-fingering hack." mean? what does the cracked bone mean? So add what to what? think hard!

B said...

i think i found d frst 4 words for lvl 46....but wut's d last crucial word?hints?start with?

alan said...

starts with P. It's a place.

Anyway pls discuss all these in the forums in tpjc.net. (if you're a tpjcian.)

Anonymous said...

I have all the clues for answering 50a and b but can't work out what the actual answer is! Please can someone help..........

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I am super frustrated with 46, i have no idea how to begin..I don't even know how to stack..i have tried everything but I cant get it! please!! thanks

Anonymous said...

i need help on 46 pls!

Anonymous said...

I am on the same one as you. I am completely stuck on 46. Anyone please.....Cassie, thanks!

Anonymous said...

i can only find the 1st word for lvl 46. i stacked it up but i cant see any p word tt makes sense~

Anonymous said...

omg i guessed the p word
(w/o finding it on the crossword) and got onto lvl 47 =.= tks

Anonymous said...

help on 48a pls. the maths eqn 1~

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to do 46? Been stuck for hours!! please. Patricia

Anonymous said...

1. the clue is the last p word, a place.(tts not the answer though)

2. then think of another place related to P****

i got to lv 47 w/o the crossword

Anonymous said...

i nid help with lv 60 pls

Nick said...

I need help with level 56

Anonymous said...

56 hint: u see this number VERY often in zahada, just rearrange it abit to get the answer

nid help with 60 stuck for 2 wks

Anonymous said...

Please help! what is answer to lvl 21?

Toma said...
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Toma said...
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Jayneejinks said...

Please help with Level 10, answer would be nice XXXX

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what the answer is for 48b?? im soo suck

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I'm with you on 48b. I've read all the hints online, and I just don't know any "common" expression with any of {Dylan, Thomas, Richard, Church} and something to do with break, fracture, broken arm, whatever. Perhaps it is my lack of religious upbringing, or maybe I'm just dense.

Anonymous said...

anyone on 34, lil help please

Anonymous said...

48b - think of the general category of the quote rather than quotee. It makes a common 4 word phrase (a i t i).

I am stuck on 49b - lewis carrol poem. Any clues?

Anonymous said...

for 34 i used the clue earlier on to guess the word.

"This is a huge pain. You're supposed to print it out and fold it into some hexogonal shape. So I went ahead and googled the answer. A spy in --------. Has 8 letters, rhymes with rise. Stars with D ends with E."

Becky said...

So when do we have anything beyond 33?

Anonymous said...


Find It