Why Were The '08 Prelim Papers Retracted?

Written by Chua Wei Qing (07S17).

The 'A' level examination is exactly a month away. In class, our tutors have been constantly persuading us to practise other Junior College (JC) Prelim papers. It is also clear that trying out other JC papers is a mean to prepare us for our upcoming 'A' level examination.

Two days ago, I logged in tpjc.net and was excited (lol) to see the Prelim papers section updated. I browsed through the papers (of various subjects) set by various colleges. Full solutions were posted up for all subjects except for Mathematics. For your info, the solutions for the Maths papers were meant to be posted up only once the tutors have gone through the papers for fear we might copy the solutions instead of practising.

Let's get back to the topic; I'll use Chemistry as an example. I have seen most ( if not, all) 2008 Chemistry papers posted up on tpjc.net some days ago. However to my horror, when I logged in yesterday afternoon, I found out that they were all missing and the page redirected me to the asknlearn website. At that instance, I thought I could most probably find the papers I want there. I searched for hours but still could not locate the papers. That led me to eventually post my doubts at our online forum.

I heard that the Prelim papers were removed from tpjc.net to increase 'usership' of asknlearn. In my opinion, I would urge the school to cancel e-learning duties of asknlearn and stick to tpjc.net. I heard Chemistry solutions for 2008 papers were worked out by Mr Tan Ah Lek. So, credits to him even though we can't really access his solutions.

Asknlearn is totally user-unfriendly. First there are countless number of tabs. Next, there are so many links. Therefore, to post the Prelim papers and solutions at tpjc.net would certainly be a more favourable option.

Teachers argue that students are misusing the solutions online as they only refer to them without trying. Agree?

I would only agree to a small extent. 'A' level examination is approaching already. I am sure as young adults, we JC2s are clear of the direction we are heading in. Sometimes, referring to solutions without trying is a form of learning strategy.

Many a time, I would be more motivated to try out a particular paper if solutions are available. You can't possibly finish a paper and assume all your answers are perfect. That is when solutions are useful as a form of self-learning. And only when you still do not understand the solutions do you consult the teacher.

Nonetheless, I would not exactly support the idea of sending these solutions to the photocopy shop, largely because the environment is at stake. However, if the papers are related to any Arts subjects where the answers are largely in lengthy paragraphs, then I would support the idea since it facilitates learning that way as well.


concerned said...

dont submit papers to photocopy shop bcos our environment is at stake. LOL. haha.

anw, bring back the papers!!!!

Anonymous said...

asknlearn is a waste of time and money. i think tpjc has a total of 3 websites for us! main web, tpjc.net and asknlearn.

Annoyed-nymous said...

Yeah, imagine students who have completed their 2007 prelim papers and have nothing else to practise, how would they feel ?

I think the idea of retracting the solutions is also wrong. At this point of time, the teachers don't really chase you to submit the papers as homework or anything, so why would there be an incentive for the students to copy solutions ? And even if they wanted to copy the solutions, it is better to let some people copy solutions than to deprive solutions to the large number of students of solutions in order to check their workings or to find out how to solve a particular question.

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