TPJC Isn't That Bad After All

The local blogosphere has not been kind to TPJC over the years. Google 'tpjc sucks' and you will be able to get a list of blogs shown as the search results. Nevertheless, we often overlook the good stuff TPJCians themselves write about their college lives. Here are some of them which we felt are really touching:

12th October 2007
Today is the last day of school. I have finally graduated from Tampines Junior College. I thought this would be the happiest day in my life because I could finally get myself off this crap. But, no.

Farewell assembly today wasn't fantastic, but at least it was awesome.
I used to hate TPJC like hell. I guess, not anymore.
TPJC is actually quite a fun place to be in. I am quite glad I was part of TPJC.
the opportunities I were given, the people I met, the friendships I've forged. I think all these are enough to offset the 'i hate tpjc' mentality.
What took me so long to know that TPJC isn't that bad afterall?

I'm just happy I got to be a part of it.
Thank you TPJC.
Thank you 06S07, Jasmine and Xinyan, the Rock girls, GP 1, Ryan and of course, Jasper (:
School would have been crap without any of you for as long as I was/am in TPJC.


I've graduated from tpjc!Just be done with A levels and this jc journey of mine in tpjc will end.Lol tpjc gave me lots of memories,forged alot of significant friendships in my 3years here and i really wanna keep in contact with all of them even after graduation.Shall dump away the bad memories and only rmb the good ones.Because life is too short for one to keep looking back:)Lots of photos coming up:)

A02 took alot of class photos today! hahaha.
so fast, two years just flew past like that,
they ask me why am i sad because im always not in school, but im very emotional whatt, i still miss school alot. i wonder how come people can not cry after two years(regardless of whether its horrid or not) in th school!
anws, thanks for all th memories,
my experience in tpjc is one hell of a emotional roller coaster. i had alot of fun and fair share of shit. i would like to thank my bextf for being there for me always, krissy&pompom&umby for making me laugh and lessons during hotweather and boring classes SO MUCH MORE BEARABLE, A02ians for being my classmates of 07A02(i know that didnt make sense but ir eally dontknow what else to say HHA), ALMOST ALL HERONS for coming down to help on th last day(we were th most crowded house because we had most number of ppl coming down for th SIX HUNDRED balloons!), heron cheerleaders for staying till late to do cheerleading AS A WHOLE HOUSE(th spirit is WHOAAA!), my big miscellaneous clique for those short but veryvery sweet times together, friends for remembering me and giving me birthday and valentine's presents!
on th overall, i actually still like th school more than i dont like th school.


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