TPJCians Found New Addiction - Zahada Riddles!

I think Alan Seah is probably wondering what he has done to TPJCians lately. It all started when he suggested TPJCians to try the Zahada riddles, which claims to be the most challenging riddles available in the Internet.

There have been more than a hundred forum replies in less than two weeks, thanks to Zahada addicts who refused to give up and sought help from others to get to the next rounds. Students exchange tips and hints in the forum.

The contagious Zahada virus has not only spread among students; teachers are also joining in the fun determined to reach the end. One of them is Mr Ho Shi Shien who also commented that the riddles are tough and challenging.

So far, no one from TPJC has completed the riddles. In fact, a quick check on the Zahada forum reveals that only eleven players have made it through the whole game. I can't wait to know who will create history as the first TPJCian to complete the Zahada riddles.

As for me, I shall be humble and not reveal which stage I am at now. Haha.

You can try it out HERE.


wee said...

i think this is a spin off from weffriddles. same thing. but i did weffriddles 2 years ago.

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