Tpjc.net Is My Life Man, Says Blogger

We all know that Tpjc.net is the most popular and used website among Tpjcians. It is very efficient, reliable and user-friendly. Some bloggers had expressed how much Tpjc.net really meant to them in their blogs. Take a look at two of them below:

OH YES, I CAN LOGIN TO TPJC.NET AGAIN.IM SO HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.Seriously, tpjc.net is like my life man. I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT. It creeped into my life without my consent. Hahahahas. I was like so irritiated about it yesterday, especially when I know Iapos;ve got tons of things to do now. *faints*


Familiar with this right?? TPJC.net!! My most visited website in year 2005 and 2006!! Still useful if I wanna send online message to teachers or dig for photos the photography club took during all events... Can even search for the forums which I participated in!


Woah. We should start a Facebook group known as 'TPJC.net Fan Club' soon.


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