Dear Diary (Part 3)

19th August 2007
Time: 3.45pm
Venue: Bedroom

Dear diary..

I am sorry I didn't talk to you the last few days. I have been struggling to complete my tutorials on time. There is just too much work to do - Maths, Chemistry, Physics and many more. Project Work is like a spell from hell. My face is going through an ugly transformation as eye bags and dry lips begin to appear.

Sometimes I wonder why I chose to further my studies in a Junior College. I am definitely not enjoying life here as a TPJCian. Yes, I love my teachers and friends but homework keeps piling up on my desk. It is giving me a lot of stress. It is a hectic lifestyle. I wonder how long my ailing body can take it.

I need Daddy. Daddy is separated from Mum. They have divorced. Grandma said they had a huge quarrel when I was five years old. At that time, I knew nothing about what was going on. I always remember Daddy as a funny person. He is a good impersonator. Ever since he left, my life has been missing something - humour.

They say laughter is the best medicine. Perhaps Daddy is the only cure to whatever illness I am suffering right now. My condition is deteriorating. My hair is getting bald. Everyday when I wake up in the morning, I will have to collect a few strands of my hair from my pillow before throwing them in a trash bin.

I need a hero to save me. I need Superman. I need Spiderman. Where are they when we need them the most? It is different in the movies...

Very different.

Time now: 3.58pm

[To be continued..]


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