WikiTP Relaunched, But Will It Be Successful?

I hope so. The GP Department has moved WikiTP to a new free host - from blogger to the brand new pbwiki. This is a good move since the project requires massive participation from TPJCians. A wiki is an effective collaboration tool that allows students to contribute their ideas easily. Furthermore, the supervising tutors are also able to edit the document and ensure that only relevant content is published.

Nevertheless, the success of this project lies largely on the degree of involvement by TPJCians themselves. Consistent updates is vital for WikiTP to stay germane to the students' research and development in General Paper. Hard copy study materials are still useful and more reliable. Moreover, tutors love to refer to notes provided by the department.

I believe the objective or purpose of setting up WikiTP is to construct a library of study materials useful for General Paper. It will be challenging to direct students to the website in the long run as they may prefer hard copy notes prepared by the college GP department. What WikiTP has to do is to be different from what is already available for students.

I strongly suggest the write-ups contributed by students to be short and sweet. Enough of all the long paragraphs printed on our notes; it's about time the college offer bite-sized and quality pieces of information related to GP. Some describe it as 'Teach Less, Learn More'. Transfer all the podcasts or videos produced by TPJCians themselves relating to the GP topics. And if possible, encourage interaction among users. This can broaden their perspective.

All the best to WikiTP.


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