Internet Explorer Most Used Among TPJCians, Followed By Firefox

We had just received statistics on the browser usage by our readers. The data below is provided by StatCounter. Take a look below:

[Click image to enlarge]

As you can see, most of our readers are Internet Explorer (6.0 and 7.0 combined) users, followed by Firefox (2.0.0 and 3.0.3 combined). I think what is more important is the difference between the number of users for these two browsers. The number of Internet Explorer (IE) users is almost 30% more than that of Firefox.

This data can be used as a random sampling to find which browser is popular among TPJCians. Most of our traffic is directed from TPJC.net forums with an insignificant percentage from other blogs or websites. I guess this explains the high percentage of IE users since our college student portal is best viewed using the browser.

The relatively huge gap between the number of IE users and its runner-up, Firefox, also proves that our college administrator need not spend time or money to improve TPJC.net compatibility with other browsers within this short period of time.


Anonymous said...

huge gap? haha... i think most of the views are by teachers who use the laptops given (or loaned) by the school...

30% is not a huge gap, due to the fact that most computers in the school [which are used for attendance taking and stuff like that] only use IE6... i think that's where most of the views came from..

but i agree in the short run not necessary to upgrade so soon... can take their time, like during the holidays where they can create a test site with least disruption...

and got so many Mac users? Safari 1.2 is for OS X 10.3 if i'm not wrong! [current stable safari is 3.1.2]

azhar said...

@anonymous: Hmmm...I am not sure if there are a large number of teachers reading this blog.
It is a huge gap to me because my updates for the blog are mostly in the weekends right now, showing that readers most probably use their home PCs.
So yeah. =)

azhar said...

there is*

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