Dear Diary (Part 4)

23rd August 2007
Time: 11.01pm
Venue: Living Room

Dear diary,

I found Mum's photo a few hours ago while I was searching for my lecture notes in my drawer. It was a photo of Mum when she was 19 years old. She had long hair and wore a thick spectacle - even thicker than mine.

I always chuckle to myself whenever I reminisce the pleasant moments I had with her before she separated from Dad. When I was three, my hobby was to collect grasshoppers at the field located behind our flat. Dad would craft the net, while Mum accompanied me there.

It was fun. Mum preferred to stay away from the grass. She told me she was allergic to it. She was more of a stay-home Mum who shunned nature. I remembered how she would bring along a huge umbrella down to the field. She hated the sun.

And so do I, now. Colonies of pimples are mushrooming all over my face and body. The doctor told me it is a side effect of taking the drugs. I tend to avoid the sun now. I am fearful that my skin condition will deteriorate due to an overproduction of sebum. It creates a negative externality to my self-esteem.

I look and feel like an alien now. I think I am evolving into an extra-terrestrial creature. I no longer look forward to attending school. I want to go home the second I step into the school foyer.

Perhaps, that was why ET wanted to go home so badly...

Time now: 11.20pm

[To be continued..]


hanjie said...

lol. the last line

hanjie said...

no part 5 ah?

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