Joshua A Clear Favourite To Replace Ami

As the world anticipates the next president of the United States of America, our online community looks set to welcome the successor to Ami Yousoff's throne as TPJC's forum king (or joker). He is none other than forum thread tycoon, Joshua Loi, who is believed to have own more threads than any other student or teacher in the college student portal.

Joshua is definitely different from Ami Yousoff. The former is against spamming and consistently encourages online discussions. Joshua has a hobby of initiating new threads which never fails to create a buzz in the college online community.

Like every other popular figures out there, Joshua has his own critics. A few forum regulars often denounced him the second he clicked the 'submit' button. Nevertheless, the hate spears thrown at him never did manage to slow him down. Instead, he found new friends such as Bangar Rachit and Beatrice Tan who publicly protested against any personal attacks on him.

We hope he continues to spread his forum thread empire and create new threads which could spur on a debate or discussion. TPJC has a vibrant online community and it is important not to let it die down.

All the best, Joshua!


mystic said...

forum thread tycoon? lol. read too much news on tycoons losing money these days...lol

Anonymous said...

lol you sure he has more threads than mr lee? hahahah

google said...

Congrats, Joshua! haha.

Anonymous said...

joshua dominated!

Ding Jie said...

Nice style of writing, Azhar. Great description and use of writing technique:)

Congratulations too, to Joshua. Being a maverick is never easy. But as long as you continue to do what you think is right, within reason, never fear the attacks. If you feel that you have something of interest for your peers to discuss, keep the posts coming.

Great job Rachit and Beatrice for standing up for your fellow schoolmate. You two deserve some praise:)

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