Can A FAT Person Be Happy?

I am not a fan of the Tyra Banks Show, but one particular episode captured my attention. Tyra Banks, who is also widely known as a supermodel, invited around six overweight guests to her show. They were discussing if it is possible for a fat person to be happy at the same time. The topic sparked a huge and intense debate between the guests and some members of the audience.

Most of the people who attended the show that day agreed that being obese eats your freedom to move and do whatever you like away due to health concerns. I remembered one of them, who was once suffering from obesity, suggested that there is just no way that a fat woman can lead a happy lifestyle as she has to incur great medical expenses and possibly a high volume of stress due to discrimination. She cited her own experience as an example and nearly teared in front of the cameras. She then criticized the guests as 'disgusting' and begged them to change their unhealthy lifestyles.

Nevertheless, the guests refuted her every word and fired back at the spectator for her insensitive use of the word 'disgusting'. One of the guests, a plus-size freelance model who posts pictures of herself posing in sexy outfits as well as uploading videos of herself dancing seductively in her website, even stood up and puts her head high up in the air before putting forward a speech that electrified the crowd.

I could not remember exactly the words that came out of her mouth but it was something like this:

'Do you know that there are thousands of young girls out there who are contemplating suicide because they are unhappy with how they look like? Well, I am happy for what I am right now. When I go out there, I approach these girls and tell them two things. Number one, if you look into the mirror and you are not happy with what you see, then DO SOMETHING. Number two, but if you look into the mirror and am happy with the reflection, then just ACCEPT IT. The most important thing is that you are happy.'

Her words were very strong and deep. It definitely taught me a lesson. Like many other men out there, I also do wish I look better. Who does not want a hot body or a handsome look? Sometimes, I do fall into the deep semiconscious world known as 'emo-land'. But hey, after hearing the inspiring speech, I learnt that I am worrying unnecessarily. I used to be always concerned about what people think of my physical features. That is no longer important; the most important thing is that I am happy with how I look like presently.


KarenPease said...

How nice, to read a man's point of view! "Happy" is a very subjective term, but I believe most people are content with their looks until someone has the audacity to say that they shouldn't be! Truthfully, obesity is an unhealthy state to be in-- I know, I've been there-- and you ARE limited physically. But the person inside, oh, the person inside is the same, no matter what the mirror says. Same fears and anxieties, same desires and needs. Too often, society forgets that. In writing my recently released "tween" novel, Grumble Bluff, I realized what a difference the presence of a true friend made in the life of an overweight child. While many people resort to bullying and name calling ("disgusting" for one!)there are always a few kind and caring people who will support you no matter what your pants size is. Surround yourself with those people, and you'll be happy. And probably, you'll be healthir, too. There's an awesome power in friendship. Karen Bessey Pease, author of juvenile fiction, www.karenbesseypease.com.

Anonymous said...

agree to a minor extent, but people must also be realistic la, like obese or ugly ppl cannot live in their own bubble and think they're alright..

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