Addicted To Sex

I first learnt about the sex addiction phenomenon in a report by Berita Harian on David Duchovny's public confession about his obsession with sex. What caught my attention was that the article claimed it was a mental illness. I began to wonder if he was simply mentally ill or sexually hyperactive?

And so I did a research and found interesting information related to the illness. Firstly, there is a scientific explanation to this newly-found 'media pet'. It is a mental illness caused by uncontrollable and excessive production of dopamine (a hormone) by the brain when the patient is engaging in sex. Patients are addicted to the pleasure of having sex and are unable to avoid it. They may even engage in fetishes with objects to satisfy their insatiable lust (spot the paradox?).

Recently, a 25-year-old British woman, Terri Hunter, broke news to the world regarding her sexual addiction. She told News Of The World that she had slept with over a thousand men, most of whom she met from the Internet. She is currently taking anti-depressants to control her addiction.

The question now is this: what could have caused such a mental illness? I believe the mass media has played a huge role in the development of sex addiction. Pornographic videos boast the high level of sexual pleasure enjoyed by the casts. The images are then played in the mind over and over again, gratifying his virtual desires. From here, curiosity kills his control for sexual pleasure; like how curiosity killed the cat.

Like the famous Pringles logo, 'Once you pop, you can't stop' - the same thing applies once he begins to imitate whatever that plays in his mind. Once you ahh, you just can't stop...


Anonymous said...

nice logo. lol.

but i think its not just the mass media fault. i think its the people behind mass media. they know sex sells. and they do it for huge profits!

Anonymous said...

sex is part of human nature...

Anonymous said...

"sex is part of human nature"

addiction is not. it is cultivated.

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