Prom Night Promotion!

Written by Beatrice Tan (08S04).
The blogger also writes for TPJC Link, the quarterly magazine for Tampines Junior College.

The last thing that you ever want happening during Prom Night is to be caught wearing the same dress as someone else. Turning up in the ballroom wearing the same dress, same clutch, same heels as any other attendees eats up your mood. It is your Prom and you own it.

The theme ‘Midnight Masquerade’ is challenging. It demands your creativity in order to look different from anyone else, at the same time looking as gorgeous as a top runway model. With the current economic crisis biting a huge hole in our pockets, it is about time we turn a simple dress into a masterpiece. So let’s skip the regular Zara or Daniel Yam and do your purse a good deed by heading over to these online boutiques to get 'The Dress' instead.

Accessories are crucial if you want to stand out among the rest. Nonetheless, it is important not to have them overpower your dress. Try to match the colour of your heels with your purse or clutch to avoid having too much colours in one outfit. Show off your elegance with a neat and stylish outfit for the night!

In other to enjoy the 10% discount, please state the promotion code ‘TPJCian Magazine’ upon purchasing. You may e-mail or fill up the order form available in the respective online boutiques.

First up…

If you love pink, then this one is the perfect one for you. The dress material is silk and it is priced at only $24.30 after discount. Match this dress with a pink masquerade feather mask or if you prefer simplicity, a glitter pink mask would do. As for the colour of the heels, it is important to examine the shade of the dress and the other colours it has. Since the dress below is mainly pink, a white heel is an ideal choice. Alternatively, a black heel to match the lace is a great combination too. You can get the dress at http://applefashion.multiply.com/photos/album/4/Dresses# [Promotion available for all items.]


FLD-021 from fazeline.com, $25.90
I’m not a big fan of brown dresses but if you are, get this one. It is only $25.90 and you know what this means - you have more to splash on accessories! The great thing about accessories is that you may reuse them again. And the pretty gold heels look good on any feet! [Promotion available only for items FLD-021, FLD-025 and FLD-016.]

All right, for the girls who do not plan to bare their arms (haha), here’s a really, really sweet dress from UNICOemo.blogspot.com/ that can work out to be something really good!
Instead of the fancy hairdo, stick to a modest look and go for a long re-bonded hair (Please do not dye your hair to that shade! You’ll risk looking like an AL instead. Really…) paired simply with simple accessories.

The earrings can be purchased from that store too! Midnight masquerade oh midnight masquerade… Get out there and purchase a mask! I am pretty sure you can work something out with materials from Spotlight, Little India and Arab Street! Here are some mask ideas that you can wear with this dress! [Promotion available for all items.]

Our T&C for the 10% Discount for TPJC students:
1. Please quote "TPJCian Magazine" under 'DisID:' when placing order.
2. Applicable to all instocks and pre order items, excluding clearance sale items.
3. Not to be used with any ongoing promotions.
4. Min order: At least $15.00
Discount is valid till 31st Dec 2008.

Next up…

#D031 from wearetc.blogspot.com, $32
Oooh…this dress channels babe vibes! With the reasonable price, this dress is seriously worth considering, although it does comes with a risk of looking just like everyone else. (Black? Check. Tube dress? Check. Classic LBD.) Therefore, you need to accessorize. Go for something bright! Something cheery! Something sexy! Note: You want to Differentiate yourself from the millions of LBD donning girlies! I suggest a more Aphrodite than after-work party and you’ll be fine. [Promotion only available for items #D031, #D030 and #D029.]

For the gorgeous ones who already have plenty of accessories in black at home, GOOD FOR YOU! Use it to your advantage this Prom Night! Go Victorian this time and glam it up with lacy gloves, lacy chokers, ribbons… and then top it all off with a dark MASK! TPJCians get it at slightly less than 20 bucks at http://myownsweetime.wordpress.com/category/in-stock/ [Promotion only available for items IS084 (Black), IS139 (Black) and IS111 (Black).]

Last but not least, our final dress up for sale is the golden inspired satin dress. Get this dress for as low as $22.50 now at http://lizzie-shop.com/clothing/dress/! Amaze your friends with a golden masquerade mask to match the dress. Flaunt your figure with this dress! [Promotion on available for selected items marked with a 10% discount.]


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