Why Me?

We often ask ourselves the question 'Why me?' whenever something bad and unfortunate happens to us. We always wish for a perfect life - good grades all year round, great friends and a happy family. We despise sadness, defeats and failures and hope they never return into our lives again. (Because) when it does, our smiles capsize, our shoulders retreat, our heads tilt down and our minds stagnate.

Why must failure come knocking onto my door, and not his or hers? Why must I lose? Why not him or her?

Perhaps it is because God knows that you are strong enough to open the door and face failure. And that you have the guts to fight it before eventually emerging victorious at the end of the day. Perhaps God wants you to be an inspiration to the other imperfect human beings out there. Maybe you are born to motivate and encourage others who are suffering the same fate as you.

Failure comes in many forms and one of them is a punch right on your face. Then when you wake up, it is just you stranded all alone in the hospital, with nobody else beside you. It is like how you feel when your result slip lands on your innocent palms. When you fail to get the result that you really wanted, everything around you suddenly vanishes. It is just you and a dark background around you. You are shocked, depressed and angry. And you ask yourself again 'Why me?'.

We all know everything happens for a reason. There is an explanation to why we are who we are and the state we are in. There is a justification to why we are fat, to why our results are disastrous, to why we simply fail to do well in a certain sport and even to why our faces are full of pimples. Maybe, just maybe, it is a message to us to change our lifestyles. Or maybe God does not want us to get carried away if the reverse materializes instead.

This may sound a bit crazy but being thankful to the obstacles that God places in our lives can be helpful. There are even more serious and worse challenges being faced by other people out there and we should be fortunate that none of them happened to us instead. As long as we are given the chance to redeem ourselves, we should use it well and not waste it. Most children in Africa are still denied access to education due to war and poverty.

The next time your life turns miserable, tell yourself that there is a reason why you were chosen to face the problem and be thankful for whatever that you have right now.


hanjie said...

nah. if smth bad/unlucky/sian happen to me i wont think of it as: why me? i will jus think/say: suay/sian sia.loll

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