How Twitter Helped Build A New Classroom In Tanzania

For those of you who have yet heard of Twitter, it is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables users (or twitters as they name themselves) to post and read other users' updates (also known as tweets). The tweets are shown on the user's profile and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them.

Tweetsgiving, an online project set up to help build a new classroom for a school in Tanzania, had managed to raise over $10,000 in just 48 hours just by utilizing Twitter. It was an extraordinary example of altruism all made possible thanks to the hard work and generosity of hundreds of Twitters. The ambitious project was initiated by Epic Change, a non-profit organization based in the USA.

The success of this project clearly demonstrated the power and influence of the social web. In this case, not only do Twitters provide a $10 donation to help by the bricks needed for the construction of the new classroom; they were also encouraged to follow at tweetsgiving to receive latest updates of the project and help spread the cause through other social media platforms such as Facebook. Those who donated $100 would become a 'Top Turkey'.

Social networking and blogging platforms can be useful in making this world a better place for people to live in. Who would ever taught Twitter could actually help build a new classroom in less than 48 hours?!


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