TPJCian Magazine: Preparing For 2009

We are entering the year 2009 very soon and this magazine will undergo some changes for the upcoming year ahead. Listed below are some suggestions:

1) New Editors
TPJCian Magazine could not afford to hire writers and pay them regularly. It is still at infant stage and it needs more time to finally earn a stable monthly revenue. Right now, the amount of money earned through its advertisements is only $35. I need a minimum of $100 to cash out the money. In other words, I am earning nothing.

Nevertheless, TPJCian Magazine is my baby and I have worked very hard to make sure that it continues to live on. I have saved up to about $100 of my very own pocket money and am looking forward to invest it on new editors. I am going on a really tight budget. The money will be spread over five months, meaning $20 per month.

This is a formal appeal. If you are want to be part of my team and engage in the online community, please do inform me. Your pay is low ($10 per month), but if you are someone who is simply passionate in sharing what you know and what people should know, then this job is the right one for you. You may build a portfolio from your work here. I need two loyal, enthusiastic and creative editors.

Your job is to write articles and bring in contributors for their opinions.

2) Updates
In order for the magazine to gain more exposure, I will have to reshape the way I promote the blog. I will never compromise the quality of my blog posts and resort to writing sex-related articles just to gain attention, like many other bloggers out there do.

Instead, I will have to market the blog more aggressively. TPJCians will most likely get updates via online message once per two months beginning from next year. Only featured and exclusive articles/interviews will be promoted through the online message system.

Updates via forums will stay as it is.

3) Global
The market in college is just too small for the magazine to earn money and pay editors and writers better. I believe in money as a form of incentive to work hard. The rest comes from the person's passion and enthusiasm.

Therefore, in order to earn more, this magazine will have to provide more current affairs articles for the general public. Editors will share their honest opinions via this magazine. The posts may be useful for General Paper too.

Furthermore, with the high quality articles, our college name will definitely be polished in the online world.

These are the suggestions for now. Please share with me your feedback.

'It is my dream to make this magazine become a reliable, interactive and creative medium for people from all over the world to come together and share their views. It is like a mixture of Newsweek, Time and Readers' Digest, but better.'


Gabriel said...

make an ad that people can post as their forum signatures.. like that if they post in their own private forums they can also help publicize yr website..

put links so people can easily digg/stumbleupon your website (or something..)

publish yr posts via RSS (try Feedburner??) so people can also easily get updates... (current RSS system is not very useful.. not many features :X haha...)

[might want to read this: http://www.110mb.com/forum/empty-t2289.0.html]

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