FEATURED: 08S22 Class Blog

Written by azhar.

I have spotted a J1 class blog. They are the tpjcians from 08S22. The blog was launched late February this year and seems pretty alive.

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Are there any other class blogs out there? Do tell us!

Adeline Pranata 08S02 - Independent Candidate

[Note: TPJCian magazine does not represent any content in the post written below.]

Hello people,

I'm Adeline Pranata from 08S02. vote for me and you might get more water coolers in the college. (I'm serious! I'll push the college to get us more water coolers. there's a serious lack of them in such a big college of ours)

There's a bit more about myself: I'm an Indonesian and a PR here for 8 years, i have a 7 MONTH old brother and was a Peer Support Leader in Hai Sing Catholic. I love manga and japanese anime but only restricting myself to reading Naruto because i have no money and time.

Many of you might be wondering why you should vote for this crazy girl who goes around with a file getting people to vote for her, she's definitely a despo. i admit, there's a certain lure in being a councillor, but that's only a bonus for me and i'm only doing it 'cause i was told to get creative...

I believe that being a councillor isn't just about organizing events. it is about having the passion to making them a success and to do their part to the college, to be responsible, and never be disappointed by failure for too long. daring to take the plunge and be outgoing, never looking back and dwell on mistake but instead, learn from them. being a councillor doesn't wait for things to happen but would go out there and make things happen.

Like me writing here, hoping to get the last minute votes

I may be making a fool out of myself here or i may not make it into the council, but will never regret making this decision in running for the student council.

It may be too late, please vote for me, not because i'm a sympathy case, but because you think i have what it takes to be a student councillor.

Lastly thank you to those who have voted for me so far.

Vandalism On Independent Candidates' Posters...What Do You Think?

Written by azhar.

The Student Council independent candidates campaigning process has begun since yesterday morning. Sixteen potential councilors have spoken in front of the rest of the student population in the college stadium. Some have shone, while others have withered.

The voting procedure will begin this upcoming Friday and all candidates have cracked their brains to produce the best speeches and posters to sway the students' votes towards them. The advertising campaign is concentrated in the college foyer, where a board is set up specially for the candidates to pin up their masterpieces.

However, behind this election buzz, some tpjcians have been busy vandalizing a few posters of the independent candidates. Below are some of the pictures:



In my opinion, the posters should remain inviolate. Students are expected to at least respect the hard work of the candidates who have without doubt taken much commitment for their respective campaigns. Thus, I believe this act of vandalism is rather obnoxious.

If you least prefer a particular candidate, translate it in the voting polls.

[Is this act of vandalism acceptable? Is this a form of freedom of expression? What is your view? Share and comment below.]

What Is The Culture Of TPJC Like?

Written by azhar.

There has been a rather intense debate regarding the culture of our college, TPJC. It all started when Joshua from 08A03 revealed in a forum that he heard people claimed that our college have a culture that is more relaxed than other junior colleges, and that we're a slack institution. Next, there are also rumours, according to Joshua, that TPJC is a college ideal for Arts student.


Several tpjcians (the current J1s) voiced out their opinions relative to the issue and some agreed that TPJC is indeed a slack college because the teachers did not take attendance for students during lectures. Raveen from 08S10 wrote that the situation itself made him think TPJC is a slack college. When you're in junior college, you are expected to practice independent learning. And it is incorrect to claim that TPJC is a slack college simple. Lectures are always there, and it is your responsibility to attend them. It is us tpjcians who will have to decide to either skip or attend them; it is all up to the individual.

Regarding the comment that Arts students do better in TPJC, fellow tpjcian who is in the Arts course, Sufiarti from 07A05 suggests that the subjects offered for Arts students generally have a wider scope, compared to those in the Science course. She argues that the subjects forces you to think about real life issues, and is essential for their essay writing skills.

Zizie from 07A07 thinks it's unfair to stamp TPJC as an Arts school as we're indeed one college. Both tpjcians have very good points in their comments. TPJC is not an Arts school, definitely. The rumour about this college being ideal for the Arts students is a myth. Both the Arts and Science stream students are doing well in their respective courses. Just roll your eyes below:


It is the individual who deserve to hold on the 'slack' tag and not the college itself. We will all ultimately mould the culture and reputation of the college. It is our decision to carry our feet to the lecture rooms during lessons or otherwise. In fact, different batch of students holds a different culture tag themselves. If the public thinks we are slackers, then it is our utmost duty to flip the tag and write ours.

In TPJC, we have a loving culture with a lot of enthusiastic students and teachers. It is a vibrant community, made up of Arts or Science students. All of us study in the same library and enjoy our meals in the same canteen. Students from either streams are given the same opportunities to show their potentials. The hard working ones will do well, of course. Thus, our college is one which is ideal for all students, regardless if you are a Science or an Arts student.

Together, we aim and achieve greater heights.

Issue of Buying Notes!

It has been complained by TPJCians that system of buying notes in the JC's are rather expensive and disorganized. Said by Sylvester Goh of 08S05, people with low pocket money like his could not afford to spend so much per week. Although this system has been up and running for over years, not many has raised this issue till now. The notes which the school / photocopying shop sells ranges over a price of as little as a few cents to as much as ten dollars a copy. Thus, if TPJCians with low allowances, like Sylvester, were to have an expenditure of over five dollars on a day on notes , they wouldn't have much money left to spend on other daily necessities such as food, transport etc.

Why bother to have the photocopying system where we could download them from Learning Management System / Intergrated Visual Learning Environment ( LMS / IVLE )? Well, this questioned has too been raised by other TPJCians. TPJCians have to get their lecture notes and tutorials from both the photocopying shop and the LMS. TPJCians complained that it is rather disorganised and would want to have a centralized place where they could just take their notes. However, not all students could get things from LMS as they do not have an internet connection or a printer. Thus, they have to get their notes from the photocopying shop. This would cater to students who don't have the benefits of printing notes or accessing the internet.

A handful of TPJCians have suggested to buy Tablet PCs and use them during lectures and tutorials. As told by Janice Chong of 08S02, the usage of Tablet PCs among all TPJCians would be very systematic. TPJCians would use the PC for lectures, tutorials and projects. There would not be any more hassle in finding lecture notes in your bag. Thus, this handful of TPJCians thought that the PC would solved all problems. However, people with low allowances who couldn't afford notes, how would they possibly afford a Tablet PC? TPJCians would also have more excuses for not bringing their PCs to class as well. Furthermore, we have to bring this PCs before an examination or test to study and won't be as handy as a few sheets of paper. Hence, this idea would not be feasible at this point in time.

In conclusion, there's nothing much we can do at this point in time about the issue of buying notes. Pupils of low allowances are urged to ask for more allowances to buy notes, and their parents should be understanding enough to give more. A centralized system of collecting notes would thus be unfeasible as it would not cater to all TPJCian students and it would make it easier for students to get it where they want. Lastly, the system of the Tablet PC being implemented maybe unfeasible but in years to come, as technology advances, there wouldn't be doubt that pupils will use PCs in classes.

- Done by,
Freelance Writer
Julius D. Roberts 08S05

An (Independent) Online Magazine Is Born

Written by azhar.

This independent online magazine, also known as TPJCian, serves its purpose to build a bridge between college students and teachers. Our goal is to create a platform for students to discuss problems and solutions to overcome them.

TPJCian is not a gossip online magazine. It is a magazine which is content worth, written by our freelance writers. All posts and issues covered by them will be forwarded to a particular teacher who will in turn give valuable feedback to them.

So why have an online magazine when you have a forum? That's simple. It's difficult to track and follow the discussion since the system automatically updates the latest threads. Therefore, some threads (esp those regarding college) will sink to the bottom. However, for an online magazine, the posts will always be up there and students can just move their cursor to archives with ease.

Furthermore, all the complications that the students face in college seem to lead nowhere and ended up buried. We need to know what the teachers think about them and allow them to elucidate the issues.

Besides all those 'political' stuff, there will also be updates on recent happenings in school, such as Songfest and many more.

Here in TPJCian, we pursue our goal to make our college a better institution for students. A more ideal college will certainly attract the best talents out there. But most importantly, it will make our stay here a comfortable, yet fulfilling one.

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