What Is The Culture Of TPJC Like?

Written by azhar.

There has been a rather intense debate regarding the culture of our college, TPJC. It all started when Joshua from 08A03 revealed in a forum that he heard people claimed that our college have a culture that is more relaxed than other junior colleges, and that we're a slack institution. Next, there are also rumours, according to Joshua, that TPJC is a college ideal for Arts student.


Several tpjcians (the current J1s) voiced out their opinions relative to the issue and some agreed that TPJC is indeed a slack college because the teachers did not take attendance for students during lectures. Raveen from 08S10 wrote that the situation itself made him think TPJC is a slack college. When you're in junior college, you are expected to practice independent learning. And it is incorrect to claim that TPJC is a slack college simple. Lectures are always there, and it is your responsibility to attend them. It is us tpjcians who will have to decide to either skip or attend them; it is all up to the individual.

Regarding the comment that Arts students do better in TPJC, fellow tpjcian who is in the Arts course, Sufiarti from 07A05 suggests that the subjects offered for Arts students generally have a wider scope, compared to those in the Science course. She argues that the subjects forces you to think about real life issues, and is essential for their essay writing skills.

Zizie from 07A07 thinks it's unfair to stamp TPJC as an Arts school as we're indeed one college. Both tpjcians have very good points in their comments. TPJC is not an Arts school, definitely. The rumour about this college being ideal for the Arts students is a myth. Both the Arts and Science stream students are doing well in their respective courses. Just roll your eyes below:


It is the individual who deserve to hold on the 'slack' tag and not the college itself. We will all ultimately mould the culture and reputation of the college. It is our decision to carry our feet to the lecture rooms during lessons or otherwise. In fact, different batch of students holds a different culture tag themselves. If the public thinks we are slackers, then it is our utmost duty to flip the tag and write ours.

In TPJC, we have a loving culture with a lot of enthusiastic students and teachers. It is a vibrant community, made up of Arts or Science students. All of us study in the same library and enjoy our meals in the same canteen. Students from either streams are given the same opportunities to show their potentials. The hard working ones will do well, of course. Thus, our college is one which is ideal for all students, regardless if you are a Science or an Arts student.

Together, we aim and achieve greater heights.


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