Adeline Pranata 08S02 - Independent Candidate

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Hello people,

I'm Adeline Pranata from 08S02. vote for me and you might get more water coolers in the college. (I'm serious! I'll push the college to get us more water coolers. there's a serious lack of them in such a big college of ours)

There's a bit more about myself: I'm an Indonesian and a PR here for 8 years, i have a 7 MONTH old brother and was a Peer Support Leader in Hai Sing Catholic. I love manga and japanese anime but only restricting myself to reading Naruto because i have no money and time.

Many of you might be wondering why you should vote for this crazy girl who goes around with a file getting people to vote for her, she's definitely a despo. i admit, there's a certain lure in being a councillor, but that's only a bonus for me and i'm only doing it 'cause i was told to get creative...

I believe that being a councillor isn't just about organizing events. it is about having the passion to making them a success and to do their part to the college, to be responsible, and never be disappointed by failure for too long. daring to take the plunge and be outgoing, never looking back and dwell on mistake but instead, learn from them. being a councillor doesn't wait for things to happen but would go out there and make things happen.

Like me writing here, hoping to get the last minute votes

I may be making a fool out of myself here or i may not make it into the council, but will never regret making this decision in running for the student council.

It may be too late, please vote for me, not because i'm a sympathy case, but because you think i have what it takes to be a student councillor.

Lastly thank you to those who have voted for me so far.


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