Sports Day '08: Hawk Did It AGAIN!

Written by azhar.
Credits to huichin from 08S22 for pictures.

It looks like history has repeated itself for Hawk, the yellow house. Once again, Hawk has managed to beat the other five birds to clinch the prestigious Champion House trophy. Falcon won the Overall Boys' Champion trophy while the female athletes from Seagull proved to strong and won the Overall Girls' Champion trophy.

The march past kick started the event, with the Eagle house leading the pack. Each houses grabbed this chance to showcase their respective mascots. The mascot from Hawk seems to receive the most attention. It was equipped with wings, a helmet and even a yellow skateboard. It was entertaining the crowd with its amusing acts on the track.

The star of the day, the hawk mascot.

The cheerleading competition was one of the main highlights of the event. The cheerleaders from Heron were the first to sweat it out, followed by the energetic Eagles. Supporters surrounded them and cheered with fervour. The first spot for the cheerleading competition eventually went to the Seagull cheerleaders. They performed to the songs, Low by Flo Rida and Fergalicious by Fergie and captivated the judges with their almost impeccable synchronization and teamwork. The president of the 22nd Student Council was one of the cheerleaders and wooed the crowd with his never-been-seen-before krump moves.

Falcon cheerleaders in action.

This year's Sports Day introduced the inaugural Novelty events, which were aimed to include every member of the student population. The teachers were the first to compete in the Novelty race, followed by the J1 and J2 students. The Falcon house were first for the J1 Novelty race, while Phoenix triumphed for the J2 category. The novelty races were a success as competitors indeed had fun while competing.

The event officially ended with a college cheer by the 22nd and 23rd student councillors. Tpjcians have shown their sportsmanship and the college spirit in this annual sporting event. They had fun running, jumping and cheering despite the hot weather. The PE Department did a great job organizing the event. It will definitely be a memorable event for some.

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Which Bird Will Prove The Strongest?

Written by azhar.

Sports Day '08 is approaching and tpjcians are gearing up for the annual sporting event. The participating athletes from the six respective houses look set to sweat it out during the event which falls on 30th April 2008. They have ran through the qualifying rounds and semis, before reaching the final leg of the chase for the top three spots.

Below is the current house rankings as of 25th April 2008:

1) Hawk
2) Seagull
3) Phoenix
4) Falcon
5) Eagle
6) Heron

I have mailed Mr Hafiz to consult him about the point system for all events, and he has kindly replied me with the following table:


As for the Novelty event, the remaining 7th to 12th spots carry the points as follows:

7th-8th= 4pts
9-10th= 3pts
11th-12th= 2pts

Last year's winning bird was Hawk. Let's see which bird will triumph as the strongest this year?

Will it be Falcon?







Or will history repeat itself for Hawk?

We shall wait and see...

'A' Level General Paper '07 Review

Written by azhar.

Last Thursday, the HOD for General Paper (GP), Mrs Toh revealed the statistics of the performance of the 2007 batch of tpjcians in GP to the JC-2 students. The purpose of the lecture was to raise the awareness regarding our lacklustre performance in GP for the previous year, and hopefully to act as a wake up call for us, tpjcians.

The main highlight of the lecture was the statistics which indicates the 'A' level performance of tpjcians in GP over the past three years or so. Below is the data:




% Passes








% National Pass








The Arts students seem to do better in GP rather than those in the Science stream. Below is the statistics:



% (A)



% (A-E)



Several reflections by repeat students of the year 2007 were also showcased during the lecture. Here are some important points that I manage to extract from them:

1) Candidates fail to answer question.

It does not really matter if you have a B3, an A2 or even an A1 anymore. Candidates must acquire the skills of interpreting the question correctly. The high number of failures is believed to be the result of essays which are written out of point; that is the essay does not answer the question.

2) Knowledge of recent events is fundamental.

Content seem to be lacking for the candidates last year. It may have been because some tpjcians have not cultivated the habit of reading newspapers or even magazines. According to Mrs Toh, content is imperative when it comes to answering a GP essay question. Relevant and good examples laid out by candidates in their scripts will help substantiate their points or arguments. Candidates who did well last year suggested that tpjcians should make an effort to read the Review section of the Straits Times, as it gives a very vivid example and opinion of what is happening around the world today. You may choose to use a book to archive any relevant news regarding the GP topics you have learnt.

3) Practice is essential.

One essay or comprehension per week. That should be the target every tpjcian should set in their minds , as a stepping stone to do well in GP. We need the practice not only to test our memorizing abilities in terms of content, but also to complete the essay in similar examination conditions. This will also help you revise your GP topics.

We should start learning from the previous mistakes of others and improve ourselves at the same time. Together, we can achieve good results for GP, and make our teachers and college proud.

Additional Lessons On Academic Days: A LOAD Too Heavy For Us?

Written by Joshua from 08A03

On 8 April 2008, Mr Lim Chok Peng posted an announcement on TPJC.net, stating that JC-1s would have to attend additional lessons on academic days (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). The additional lessons, which are compulsory, start at 5pm and end at around 7pm. Subject tests will occasionally be conducted during these extra lessons.

This announcement was met with widespread unhappiness from the JC-1s, who posted their complaints in a thread in the Feedback section of the TPJC.net Forum. The thread was started by Dylan from 08S01 and has received over 300 (and counting) replies as of 20 April 2008, indicating the level of discontentment among the student population.

One of the main criticisms of the additional lessons is that students will return home very late. As a result, they will have insufficient time to do their homework, prepare for lectures and do self-study. They may have difficulty understanding what is taught and might be punished (or even suspended) for failing to complete and submit their homework promptly. Those who live far away from the college, such as John from 08S27, are worst off, as they may take over an hour to travel home from school (and to school from home). Besides reaching home at an ungodly hour, they have to wake up earlier to avoid being late.

An article published in the September 2007 edition of Newsweek states that the average teenager needs about nine hours of sleep per day to stay healthy. However, most students do not get enough shut-eye. The additional lessons make our timetables even tighter, forcing us to sacrifice our sleep to finish our assignments. In fact, Sarah from 08S16 mentioned that some of her friends had only one hour of sleep for two days in a week! Due to their lack of sleep, students will be tired and have difficulty concentrating during lessons (especially the extra lessons).

Students also complained that they were hungry during the extra classes and their hunger affected their concentration. Julius from 08S05, who also writes for TPJCian magazine, said that he had gastric problems because the additional lessons pushed back his dinnertime. A quick check of the timetables of a few Civics Groups reveals that regular lessons usually end at 4.30pm or 5pm on academic days. By then, the canteen stalls have closed (and students have inadequate time to purchase and consume food from elsewhere).

In the long run, the stress, hunger and fatigue will adversely affect students' emotional and physical health. Irregular diets and a lack of sleep weaken the immune system, causing students to fall ill more easily. Studies have also shown that sleep deprivation increases the risk of obesity, depression and a plethora of other medical conditions. Moreover, student morale has fallen since the extra lessons started. Shaun from 08S09 related how members of the chess club were acting "emo" the day after the additional classes were announced.

We hope that the college administration will listen to our concerns and take steps to improve the situation. Several students have put forward interesting ideas that should be considered. For example, Ron from 08S06 suggested that tutors and students arrange extra classes at times which are most convenient for both, while Joshua from 08A03 proposed that the extra lessons should only be compulsory for the weaker students. A couple of students raised the possibility of holding additional lessons on Saturdays, sparking a mini-debate over whether that would be a boon (since students would be less tired and hungry) or a bane (as weekends are for students to relax).

To prevent our stomachs from interfering with our concentration, the canteen stalls could be closed later or, as Hui Chin from 08S22 recommended, free snacks could be provided for hungry students. Finally, perhaps study groups would be more effective than additional classes, while the additional lessons themselves would be more useful if teachers experimented with more innovative teaching methods and different ways of explaining concepts.

Understanding Islam [The Prayers]


The recent release of the film ‘Fitna’ has caused much turbulence around the world, especially in Muslim-dominated countries. It has concocted the meaning of Islam and has caused a lot of suspicion and confusion among those who have viewed it. Several political figures have also shared their disdain for the short movie.

This series of posts prepared by me with the help of reliable online resources is meant to clear some doubts and educate the general public about the true meaning of Islam.
I will first touch on the prayers. Many non-Muslim tpjcians have approached some of my friends and me about the way we pray. They often walk past the upper level staircase at the 3rd floor and seem curious about what we are actually doing. Here comes the answers:

Who do Muslims pray to?

Muslims pray to One God without associating any partners with Him. They pray facing the Holy Mosque in the city of Makkah. You will notice that the prayer mat, also known as the sejadah, is always facing a particular direction on a particular spot in school. Facing this mosque is simply for uniformity and homogeneity in the prayers of all Muslims around the world and not as an act of worship to the mosque itself.

Muslims perform obligatory prayers five times per day. Muslims will start preparing for the next prayers upon hearing the call for prayers.

What do Muslims say and do?

Muslims stand before their God by making the intention to pray, leaving all other chores and concerns aside.

While standing

While standing, the first chapter of the Quran is recited. This chapter can be translated as follows.“In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee (alone) we worship and Thee (alone) we ask for help. Show us the straight path. The path of those whom Thou hast favoured; Not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.” (1:1-1:7)


After the first chapter, any other passage from the Quran is recited. Following is a translation of one such passage.“Say: He is Allah, the One! Allah is He on Whom all depend. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him.” (112:1-112:4)

While bowing

Muslims then bow to God and glorify Him. This glorification can be translated as follows.“Glory be to my Lord, the Almighty.”


While Prostrating

To express complete submission and humility before God, Muslims then prostrate and place their foreheads on ground. According to the prophetic traditions, at this moment of humility, the worshipper is closest to his/her Lord. While prostrating, Muslims glorify God as follows.“Glory be to my Lord, the most High.”


Other than glorifying God, it is also a moment for Muslims to ask God for His forgiveness, mercy, blessings and bounties. Muslims then sit for a few seconds and prostrate one more time before standing up again.
Depending on the time of the prayer, Muslims repeat this cycle once, twice or thrice in each prayer.

While sitting

In the end (and also in the middle for some prayers) Muslims sit as shown in the figure. At this point they testify before God that there is none worthy of worship but Him and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His slave (meaning creation that is subject to it’s Lord’s commands at all times) and His Messenger. Muslims then ask God to send His peace and blessings on His Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) as He did on Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him). The translation is as follows.“All service is for Allah and all acts of worship and good deeds are for Him. Peace and the mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you O Prophet. Peace be upon us and all of Allah’s righteous slaves. I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.O Allah exalt Muhammad and the followers of Muhammad, just as you exalted Abraham and the followers of Abraham. Verily you are full of praise and majesty. O Allah send blessings on Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, just as you sent blessings on Abraham and upon the followers of Abraham. Verily you are full of praise and majesty.”


At the very end, Muslims turn their face to the right and the left, sending God’s Peace on those surrounding them. This greeting of peace can be translated as follows.“Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah”With this greeting, the obligatory prayer ends.We hope that this brochure was beneficial to you in understanding how Muslims pray the obligatory prayers. In addition to the obligatory prayers, Muslims may supplicate and glorify God at any time. It is commendable in Islam to be in a habit of unceasingly glorifying God and supplicating to Him.

How Many Sequences?

The morning prayer- Subuh is 2 sequences (rakaats).

The noon prayer- Zuhur- is 4 rakaats.

The midday prayer/ afternoon prayer- Asar- is 4 rakaats.

The sunset prayer- Maghrib- is 3 rakaats.

The evening prayer- 'Isha- is 4 rakats.

Reference Materials:

Gay Football Players Banned!

Prejudice And Discrimination

Former managing director of top Italian football club, Luciano Moggi, has sparked controversy once again by openly propagating comments that homosexuals or even long haired football players should never be permitted to play football.


The 70-year-old who has managed Juventus alongside England boss, Fabio Capello, had this to say in an interview:

"There are no gays in football, I don't know if players are against having them in their team but I definitely am."

"In the teams where I worked there were never any. I never wanted to have a homosexual player and I still wouldn't sign one."

"I'm old school but I know the ambience of football and a gay wouldn't be able to survive within it.

"A homosexual cannot do the job of a footballer. The football world is not designed for them, it's a special atmosphere, one in which you stand naked under the showers."

Rumours are abound about many players in internet chat rooms but still the subject remains something of a taboo in football.

There are no openly gay footballers in any of the major leagues in Europe and the only reasonably well-known player to have come out while playing was Justin Fashanu, in England back in the 1980s.


Fashanu committed suicide by hanging himself due to a sex assault case. He wrote: "Being gay and a personality is so hard, but everybody has it hard at the moment, so I can't complain about that.

"I want to say I didn't sexually assault the young boy. He willingly had sex with me and then the next day asked for money.

Are you ready for gay football players?

10 Ways For TPJCians To Earn Money

Written by azhar.

The following list of ideas has been designed to cater to our lives as a college student. It's about time we get independent in terms of dollars and cents and raise our own income for our daily needs, from lecture notes to a plate of rice. These ideas are meant to help tpjcians to cope with any financial stress they may be experiencing right now, and at the same time unleash their creativity and innovation. Do remember that hard work and perseverance are crucial when it comes to being your own boss.

1) Blog Shops

In this 'blogging' era, many teenagers world-wide has set their eyes on the prospects of how useful and productive a blog can be. One of the ways teenagers are taking advantage of this intangible gold mine is by creating their very own blog shops. Some prefer to work individually while others love to do it in groups. The current blog shop market is female-dominated with a myriad of fashion shops catering to the feminine. They can earn up to $100 per month for a start. If you intend to set up a blog shop and sell any fashion accessories that is no longer used, all you need is just a blog and the items for sale!


You can arrange meet-ups on every Saturday so that it won't clash with your busy weekday schedule. You will also need to check your mails every day (at least 15 minutes) to get back to any inquiries from your customers. No set-up costs and minimum labour time - perfect for a busy college student.


2) Videos

Forget Youtube. Think Revver. Now you can earn money by uploading your videos online. Revver attaches an advertisement on your video once it's uploaded. There are two ways that your video and the associated ad can generate revenue: from impressions/views of the ad (CPM ads), and from clicks on the ad (CPC ads). When a viewer sees a CPM ad associated with your video, you get paid, no click required. When a viewer clicks on a CPC ad associated with your video, you get paid.

What you can do is to either record performance from events such as Songfest or create your very own production based in college. Once that is done, upload your video in Revver.com and start earning money! Be creative. Instead of just recording the performances, you may also interview the performers behind stage. This will definitely attract more viewers since it is not available throughout any other videos out there. All you need is an electronic device which can capture videos! You can also take advantage of TPJC.net to earn more clicks or views.


Creating your own production may eat quite a huge amount of time through filming and more, but this problem can be solved by having just one or two episode per month and splitting the weight among other crew members. Passion plays an integral role here as well as your creative juices. If it take one or two days to film one video, then time constraint will not be an issue.

3) Tuition

This is a convention way of how college students earn their money and funds from. A majority of them will most likely choose their students who are from Secondary or Primary School levels. Some prefer one-to-one tuition while others choose group tuition. College students can earn up to more than $50 per month just by giving tuition once per week. The common date is a Saturday or Sunday as it will not interfere with their JC curriculum time.

Finding students for tuition may be difficult for some college students at first, but this complication is usually dealt with through word of mouth from his/her friends. Some students tend to refer any student they are currently teaching to his/her friend if the group grows too big. Several tutors obtained their students from their neighbours.


Tuition will only take at most 2-3 hours every week. All you need is your knowledge and lots of determination. Being a tutor myself, sometimes I believe money is not what makes the sessions worth it, but the results my students attained.

4) Designing

Are you someone who is proficient in Photoshop? If you're then good news for you! The market for designers have grown tremendously this few years. There are now quite a number of crowdsourcing design websites available in the internet. One popular website is 99designs.com, a platform whereby designers enter contest and submit their pieces of art. The contests can range from, logo to website template contests. The winning entry can earn up to $300.


This money-making idea is suitable for our college lifestyle. You can submit your entry whenever you have free time. However, you will really need to produce the finest piece of art so as to battle it out against the other designers.


5) Perform

Many artistes nowadays do not emerge from the albums they sell, but through the online world. The internet has been an influential too for them to earn more popularity. Singers like Esmee has carved their names in popular video sharing websites such as Youtube.com. Rising talents like Leona Lewis are taking advantage of the millions of viewes such video sharing sites are reeling in by uploading her videos and promoting her album through her Youtube channel at the same time.


Tpjcians can also do this to earn some income. If you believe you can sing or dance very well, upload your performances at home and attract all the viewers you can. Who knows one day a record company bumps into your video online. Or at least, earn some money by uploading your video on Revver.com. If you are someone who is optimistic, burn your CDs and sell it in college.

6) Monetize your website

Do you know that you can easily earn money through blogging? Now you can not only write about the things you love, but earn money as well. Bloggers do so by serving advertisements in their blogs. There is a a few choices of advertising companies you can choose from now, such as Advertlets.con, Nuffnang.com and also Blog2U.sg. All these advertising networks are trusted and can help you earn money through blogging.


However, the amount of money you earn will largely depend on the number of visitors for your sites and you Google page rank. You can cash out your earnings once a certain amount of money is reached.


Tpjcians can write about their niche areas through their blogs. You can gather your friends and set up a blog. After that, you may start monetizing it by serving the advertisements from the advertising network companies.

This may take an hour every day as you may have to update your blog regularly in order to earn a high readership base. Nevertheless, once that is done, you can start earning some cash.

7) Ask councillors to have bazaar once every term!

Having a bazaar will not only allow you to earn some funds for yourself, but it will also enable you to bind with your friends and practice innovation. Having a bazaar once every term (every three months) will not affect your time much and it does not necessarily include a high start-up cost. We can have a bazaar along the corridor or in the canteen extension.


Tpjcians can take this opportunity to sell food or even accessories. I have one in my Secondary School a few years ago, and my group sold Cheese Fries. We earned more than $100 in one day and split up the total profits earned. It was fun and it certainly bonded us.

This ideas can also be useful for Service Learning projects. Rather than have irregular projects by different classes, plus the online message advertisements, we can just have one bazaar whereby tpjcians can make use of for the purpose of charity. Tpjcians will also have to work harder to grab the attention of potential customers with more creative placards and much more, thus making it a fun yet meaningful experience. There is also a wider choice of products available.

8) Create your own comics blog!

Set up a blog and start producing your very own comics through Comiqs.com. Use your imagination and create your very own comics online. Post your comics once per week in your blog and grab attention from other tpjcians.


Serve advertisements in your comics blog and start earning money per view or click. You will definitely have fun with your friends. Your readers will be entertained too!

The Rich Egg and the Poor Egg from Jingping on Comiqs

9) Content Outsource

There are a lot of tpjcians out there hungry for the latest content regarding several General Paper (GP) topics such as Terrorism and the Mass Media. Use this opportunity to set up a blog and update the latest information which revolves around the GP topics. Grab a few friends to help you, if you wish to.


This will not only help you earn money through the advertisements in your blog. It will also provide you with the opportunity to develop your content for your GP essays at the same time. You can do the same for any Science topics.


10) Study Hard

Bursaries and scholarships are awarded to students who obtained good results in school. These monetary rewards are usually given either by the government or the college during college day. Hard work, coupled with consistency, is important here.

That's all. All the best.

18-Month-Old Infant Forced To Smoke Marijuana

Crime and Punishment

A couple was videotaped while forcing an 18-month-old baby to smoke a marijuana pipe. The video shows 18-year-old Melvin Blevins passing the pipe to the infant while his partner, 16-year-old Angel Dailey, holds the baby. The shocking incident happened at a Pataskala home.

The couple was charged for child endangerment and corrupting another with drugs. The child is now 2 years old. Police believe the tape was recorded when she was 18 months old. Blevins will appear in federal court Friday to hear his charges and indictment.

Angel Dailey is now in a juvenile-detention center. Earlier this month, she pleaded not guilty to charges of corrupting and endangering the child.


Share your views and opinions below.

Forum Moderators? Just 'Poof' The Irrelevant Posts

Written by azhar.


This is the my sole opinion and it does not represent the ideas of the other writers in this magazine.

A group of tpjcians are looking forward to form the first team of moderators. The soon-to-be forum moderators have a good intention in mind, that is to ensure relevant posts and at the same time filtering out spam comments which are often viewed as annoying materials.


Are there any other solutions, perhaps better solution that will directly involve the whole tpjcian population?

I have a suggestion, and that is to have a 'Poof' feature in our forum. This feature is already tested by popular local blog aggregator website, Ping.sg.

The 'Poof' feature simply allows its users to 'poof' any sex-related updates or posts with advertorial content in the website. The post will be automatically deleted from the system once it receives a certain amount of 'Poof's.

I personally prefer this idea as it counts in every single tpjcian. Nonetheless, I endorse the idea of the group of forum moderators. It is just that we should look into better solutions for the 'spam crisis'.

TPJCians Have Done It. And They Will Do It Again.

Written by azhar.

The Project Work results for the 2007 batch of tpjcians have just been released at around 12.40pm today. The atmosphere in the hall was buoyant. Some were nervous, while others seem content probably because their Supervising Tutors (STs) have shared the good news with them.

Mdm Sukhvinder Kaur addressed the college first, followed by our principal. Tpjcians were cheering at almost every statement that Mdm Sukhvinder said, so much so that she had to remind them to allow her to complete her speech. Tpjcians have done the college proud by obtaining outstanding results for their Project Work (PW).

Here are the statistics for the 2006 PW results:
A 3.5%
B 43.7%
C 48.3%
D 4.6%
E 0.12%

And below are the 2007 percentages for the respective grades:
A 34.7%
B 53.7%
C 11.3%
D 0.26%
E 0.00%

As shown from the data shown above, the percentages for the number of A and B grades have increased from 3.5% to 34.7% (+31.2) and 43.7% to 53.7% (+10.0) respectively. The percentage for distinctions have multiplied almost 10 times from the previous year. Moreover, the percentages for D and E grades have gone down from 4.6% to 0.26% (-4.34)and 0.12% to 0.00% (-0.12) respectively.

Like what Ms Helen Choo said - three cheers for TPJC! Let's do the double and achieve great results for our upcoming 'A' levels.

The Smallest Girl In The World

Written by azhar.

General Knowledge

She is 14 years old but has a height of only 58 cm. Jyoti Amge lives in India and she is suffering from a form of dwarfism known as achondroplasia. Yes, she is not able to grow any taller than the present height.

Jyoti still has to attend school and was provided with a mini-table to accomodate her needs. She told reporters she had a dream, and it was to be a Bollywood actress one day. A small girl with a huge dream.

She said: 'I am proud of being small. I love all the attention I get. I'm not scared of being small and I don't regret it.

'I'm just the same as other people. I eat like you, dream like you. I don't feel any different.'


Father And Daughter Revealed They Had Baby Together

Written by azhar.

General Knowledge

Where have our ethics gone to? Has it been shadowed by the sexual lust and temptations that stimulates they way we behave today. A father and daughter have behaved outlandishly by openly revealing to the press that they know their acts of incest were wrong but still succumb to their emotions.

The family was reunited after 30 years and they soon start a physical relationship almost instantly after the death of the wife. The South Australian couple John and Jenny Deaves, have two babies during their relatioship. The older one died due to a congenital heart disease.

This was what the father had to say:

"I knew it was illegal. Of course, I knew it was illegal but you know, so what."

Share your views and opinions.

First Community of TPJCian Writers

Do you have a passion in writing?

Do you simply love to express your thoughts online?

Well, if the answer is YES for both questions, do volunteer to become part of our community of passionate TPJCian writers. We share our views about the school and provide constructive feedback to improve the school. We do interviews and surveys to gather the knowledge and information needed of a certain topic and issue happening in college.

Updates are just by the click of a button. We feed tpjcians with the latest updates and reviews of college events and happenings. If you are someone who shares the passion of writing and sharing your opinions with the student population, this is the perfect medium for you.

We currently have 4 writers and are looking out for more. Tag if interested. Alternatively, you may also choose to message me via tpjc.net (07S16).

Turtle Forced To Smoke...Animal Cruelty?

Written by azhar.

The video below will most like invite an irascible response from animal lovers out there, including some tpjcians. In the video, you will witness US soldiers forcing a harmless turtle to smoke, by inserting a cigarette into its mouth when it was wide open. The inglorious video portraying the behaviour of the US troops has been criticized by many Youtube users, labelling the act as childish.

Do you consider this as animal cruelty?

A Baby Inside A Baby

[Note: This post may contain disturbing images. It is not for the faint-hearted.]

Weird News

A foetus, about 5 months old, was found inside the stomach of a 2-month-old Indonesian baby named Afiah Syafina. The parents of the newborn child initially thought it was a tumour but were proven wrong as doctors' scans revealed that it was indeed a foetus. It was successfully removed from the body and the baby is now safe.

Below are the pictures:




Share your opinions. How do you think this could have happened?

FEATURED: 07S10 Class Blog

Written by azhar.

Their blog title says 'GOSSIPERS ARE EVIL'. They are dynamic and names the camera as their best friend. They are none other than the classmates of 07s10. Their class blog was formed in September last year. The blog contains a myriad of pictures, so feel free to admire the beauties and hunks there.

Click picture to proceed to blog

Find It