Turtle Forced To Smoke...Animal Cruelty?

Written by azhar.

The video below will most like invite an irascible response from animal lovers out there, including some tpjcians. In the video, you will witness US soldiers forcing a harmless turtle to smoke, by inserting a cigarette into its mouth when it was wide open. The inglorious video portraying the behaviour of the US troops has been criticized by many Youtube users, labelling the act as childish.

Do you consider this as animal cruelty?


It's me. said...

It totally is!

They've got nothing better to do than going on wars - and now being cruel to animals?

Seriously, if they want to die from smoking, they can go ahead and smoke to their heart's content but but don't torture that poor little creature!

Janaj said...

It is beyond cruelty. Its brutal torture in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

theres one other one with the us soldiers throwing a puppy off the cliff too. D:

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