Forum Moderators? Just 'Poof' The Irrelevant Posts

Written by azhar.


This is the my sole opinion and it does not represent the ideas of the other writers in this magazine.

A group of tpjcians are looking forward to form the first team of moderators. The soon-to-be forum moderators have a good intention in mind, that is to ensure relevant posts and at the same time filtering out spam comments which are often viewed as annoying materials.


Are there any other solutions, perhaps better solution that will directly involve the whole tpjcian population?

I have a suggestion, and that is to have a 'Poof' feature in our forum. This feature is already tested by popular local blog aggregator website, Ping.sg.

The 'Poof' feature simply allows its users to 'poof' any sex-related updates or posts with advertorial content in the website. The post will be automatically deleted from the system once it receives a certain amount of 'Poof's.

I personally prefer this idea as it counts in every single tpjcian. Nonetheless, I endorse the idea of the group of forum moderators. It is just that we should look into better solutions for the 'spam crisis'.


What for? said...

Seriously, I see no need for moderators in forum... go SGForum if whoever wants to be moderator... There got many rubbish posts...

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