Sports Day '08: Hawk Did It AGAIN!

Written by azhar.
Credits to huichin from 08S22 for pictures.

It looks like history has repeated itself for Hawk, the yellow house. Once again, Hawk has managed to beat the other five birds to clinch the prestigious Champion House trophy. Falcon won the Overall Boys' Champion trophy while the female athletes from Seagull proved to strong and won the Overall Girls' Champion trophy.

The march past kick started the event, with the Eagle house leading the pack. Each houses grabbed this chance to showcase their respective mascots. The mascot from Hawk seems to receive the most attention. It was equipped with wings, a helmet and even a yellow skateboard. It was entertaining the crowd with its amusing acts on the track.

The star of the day, the hawk mascot.

The cheerleading competition was one of the main highlights of the event. The cheerleaders from Heron were the first to sweat it out, followed by the energetic Eagles. Supporters surrounded them and cheered with fervour. The first spot for the cheerleading competition eventually went to the Seagull cheerleaders. They performed to the songs, Low by Flo Rida and Fergalicious by Fergie and captivated the judges with their almost impeccable synchronization and teamwork. The president of the 22nd Student Council was one of the cheerleaders and wooed the crowd with his never-been-seen-before krump moves.

Falcon cheerleaders in action.

This year's Sports Day introduced the inaugural Novelty events, which were aimed to include every member of the student population. The teachers were the first to compete in the Novelty race, followed by the J1 and J2 students. The Falcon house were first for the J1 Novelty race, while Phoenix triumphed for the J2 category. The novelty races were a success as competitors indeed had fun while competing.

The event officially ended with a college cheer by the 22nd and 23rd student councillors. Tpjcians have shown their sportsmanship and the college spirit in this annual sporting event. They had fun running, jumping and cheering despite the hot weather. The PE Department did a great job organizing the event. It will definitely be a memorable event for some.

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adeline pranata said...

novelty event is a dangerous spot. sprained my leg before the actual event doing the crab walk. have to use the clutches for 2 weeks...

felt like having pe 24/7

anyway... Go! Sylvester Go!

Sean said...


Falcon's cheerleading. Anyone else got vids of others? =)

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