A Sweet Year For Our Indian Cultural Society (ICS) Members

Written by rashma.

Indian Cultural Society (ICS) is not just a CCA, it is beyond that in all aspects. Indian culture is one of the elements of Singapore's rich cultural heritage. Through its activities, TPJC's Indian Cultural Society aims to create an awareness of Indian culture among members of the TPJC community.

ICS comprises a closely bonded group of students and teachers-in-charge where all of them work together to aim and achieve. This can be seen through all the achievements ICS has made just within the first 4 months of this year.

In January, at the Thai Maatha Thendral competition held at Saint Andrews’ Junior College, our ICS members clinched 1st placing for Singing and 2nd placing for poetry. On the 22nd March, at the ‘Agni’ competition, ICS won 1st for Impersonation and 2nd for Singing.

Reactions from the ICS members after announcement of results.

The highest achievement that ICS has attained within these 4 months would be at the ‘Arangam’ competition on 1st March. ICS emerged as the Overall Champions in the competition organised by Ravindran Drama Group (RDG). RDG is a renowned Drama group that has also gained its recognition in the Singapore art scene through many independent and collaborative productions.

Our ICS drama members worked hard together with our teachers-in-charge, Miss Devi, Mdm Banumathi, and Mr S Nalluraj and their drama coach, Ms Amaravathi.

During the preliminary round, our team attained a ‘Gold’ award for SYF, whereas the other finalists, Temasek Junior College and Republic Polytechnic attained ‘Gold with Honours’ award. However, our drama members remained undeterred. They worked even harder and pushed themselves beyond their limits, fully utilised every meeting they had. At each step, taking back feedback and improving on it, with the help from their mentors.

Tears of joy and celebrations.

As finals inched closer, they worked doubly hard and persevered all the way, never set back by any obstacles.

During the ‘impromptu’ round the drama contestants were given 10 random props and had to create and act out a play on the spot! This round was definitely the most demanding of all. This required not only teamwork but also creativity at the spur of the moment.

For some, this competition was their first taste of drama. However, this did not stop them from achieving what some thought to be impossible. As the saying goes, ‘there is always a first time for everything’.

With their ‘never give up’ attitude, they emerged overall champions! Once again, doing our college proud and maintaining TPJC-ICS’s reputation for excellence in drama.

Our ICS members posing with their coveted trophy.

We can learn from this that one should remain determined and always persevere to achieve their goals. Aim, Act and Achieve.


Sambhrama Somashekhar said...

woohooo!!! ICS rocks my socks

supergirl said...

There's no 'of' when you use comprises darling! (: Good article though

Rashma said...

Thank you supergirl. haha.

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