College Day '08: The Review

Written by azhar.
Pictures and videos credits to Ng Li Ya and Berlin Soh.
Special thanks to Ng Ding Jie for his guidance.

Note: Apologies if the videos or pictures are of low quality. We were sitting at the back of the auditorium and lacked the necessary gadgets or devices to ensure high quality images or videos at such a distance.

Our college Band opened this year's College Day pre-ceremony with two spectacular performances. They performed two songs, one of them being the song 'Sway' made popular by Michael Buble. Led by student conductor, Nelson Tan, they showed their professionalism and creativity in both performances, especially for 'Sway'. I am most pleased to watch the four band members who were swaying enthusiastically behind the seated band members. The audience really enjoyed the performance and cheered hard for them as the song ended. The song choices made by them were good and well-received by the audience. Enough of those classical songs; it is time we get jazzy, if not a little bouncy.

Next on the list was the college Guitar Club. They were led by student conductor, Najihah, and performed two songs too. Dressed in black tops and yellow bottoms, the Guitar Club members drew the crowd attention with their fun and melodic songs. They swayed on their seats for the second song, too. I have always had the impression that our Guitar Club is only capable of playing melancholic songs - I was proven wrong. Perhaps, they are giving a little sneak peek into what the combined Guitar-Band concert will be like. We shall see what it turns out to be come 31st May 2008.

TPJC Guitar Club performing.

The arrival of our honourable Guest-Of-Honour, Mr Sin Boon Ann, Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC was met with a standing ovation by the approximately 600-strong crowd. Parents and graduates were also streaming into the auditorium. The teachers arrived slightly earlier, accompanied by their sons and daughters. Among the distinguished guests present were the Mr Yahya, founding principal of Tampines Junior College and Mr Joshua, a representative from Dover Park Hospice.

The college Modern Dance club kick started the formal event with a rousing dance performance. The dance piece was known as Corner of the Toymaker's Store. They performed to the song Opera #2 by Vitas and the routine was choreographed by their maverick dance instructor, Mr Shawn Xu Jie. Silence cocooned the auditorium as soon as the music began. Although it was not a mainstream routine (Hip Hop), the crowd was still captivated by their contemporary and jazz movements. It was a fantasizing performance with supple bodies that makes the whole choreography flow. The performance ended with a breathtaking slow motion act by the male dancer and the talented female dancer, Tara Lynette Elliott.

Ms Helen Choo was then invited to give a speech soon after that. In the speech, she mentioned that the college not only aims for each tpjcian to be eligible for university, but also to instill character building in all of its students. She also welcomed the new teachers and staff members who just entered the warm and friendly TPJC family. It was a rather beguiling speech by our charismatic Principal. One of the interesting pieces of news that she shared with the audience was that Mr Chew, one of the college PE teachers, has been selected to be an official for the Beijing Olympics badminton tournament!


The GOH then officially launched the Watercolours project for the college. It was a video showcasing how TPJC will play an integral role in ensuring that water is well preserved. The highlights of the video includes the adoption of the Tampines River. It was a proud moment for TPJC as it now the front runner for water preservation in the Tampines region. The video also showcases our cute college mascots, Amy and Archie, as a representative for the whole college. It was a nice video indeed.

Next was a speech by our respected GOH, Mr Sin. In his speech, he admired how much the college values character building, citing the example of how one of his accomplished associates in his law firm was a TPJC graduate, who is now a distinguished attorney in New York. Integrity is imperative for one's success, especially when one ventures out in the real world. The world out there is full of obstacles and challenges. He was also impressed by the college's initiative of helping preserve water in Tampines.

Speech by Mr Sin, GOH for this year's College Day.

The prize presentation followed as soon as the speech ended. Among the categories were the Long Service Award, which were given to teachers who have contributed to the school for more than 10 years. The recipients for the Long Service Awards include
Mdm Sukhvinder Kaur (20 years of service) and Mr Lim Hock Loon (25 years of service). Both of them are GP tutors. Izzah Hafsah Bte Saiful Imran was one of the graduates who bagged more than three awards, with the highest and most reputable one as Outstanding Award for Performing Arts.

Mdm Sukhvinder Kaur receiving the Long Service Award.

TPJC's top 'A' level student for the year 2007 then made his valedictory speech. In the speech, he stressed that TPJC is a college which emphasizes on a holistic education. He was also very thankful toward his peers and especially his teacher who have guided him for the past two years. He ended his speech with a simple yet meaningful advice to the JC2s present, and that is to study hard and make full use of the two years in TPJC.

Benjamin Lim, giving his speech.

The ceremony was soon reaching its end as the clock struck about 3.40pm. The college Choir then took center stage and performed a total of three songs. They then led the college song. I would like to shower my praises to the emcees of the event, Brammi, Ethel and Wai Yew. They did a splendid job. It was indeed a great and gratifying event, one which filled the auditorium with watercolours.

Performance by our Choir members.


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