TPJC Choir Concert 'Plaisir de Chanson': The Review

Written by Choy Wai Wan (07A06).

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As the Tampines Junior College Choir members took their places on stage, there was a murmur of excitement as everyone within the audience hushed each other to settle down. The lights dimmed as we were introduced, once again, to a Choir that has brought pride and joy to the school. And, amidst applause, everyone in the audience waited with bated breath.

Aptly named Plaisir de Chanson, which translates as “The Joy of Song”, the concert was all about the fun and magic in the process of creating music. The annual choir concert is one of the staples of Tampines JC’s tradition and culture, witnessing generations of TPJCians returning as both audience and performers every year.

This year was no different. With two alumni conductors, and an ensemble of alumni choral singers, Plaisir de Chanson was more than just any other performance. It was about the pride, joy and friendship that music has developed in TPJCians.

The concert, emceed by J1s Wayne and Abigail, was as enjoyable and refreshing. With a wide repertoire of songs, ranging from classical choral pieces, folksongs as well as more contemporary hits such as ABBA, the choir showed its worth and capability to inspire musical brilliance as well as an unwavering sense of showmanship.

The concert started off with a taste of home. The audience was treated to local delights such as “Ondeh Ondeh”, a song celebrating the simple yet delicious local dessert, as well as a medley comprising of Singaporean folksongs such as Rasa Sayang. Led by student conductor Ong Ding Yi, the choir celebrated Singaporean culture, tradition and history.

The next segment was directed by alumni conductors, Shen Weiwei and Samuel Kwan. Taking the audience through slightly more classical Latin songs, the choir showed its technical capability and poise. With an intermission in-between, the audience returned to finish off the segment before moving on to the much-awaited Folklore section.

Having attended the previous Plaisir de Chanson, I had a taste of TPJC choir’s superb interpretation of folksongs. Coupled with their undying fervor for music, the choir sparkled with showmanship. Often, their choreography, along with the song, helped to tell the story of the folks, as well as to add an element of fun for both audience and performers in each song.

One of the most notable performances of the day was Sinsin Si batu Manikam, a performance which many TPJCians would be familiar with. Describing how a stone rolls down a hill, this catchy Indonesian folksong showed just how entertaining music could be. After countless performances and rehearsals with this song, the choreography was precise and there was never a note off tune.

The men crumble under the weight of the falling stone in Sinsin Si batu Manikam

Another student conductor, Poh Shu Yun then took the lead, taking us through Chinese folk songs as well as the contemporary hits segment, which involved three of ABBA’s most well-known hits, such as Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen. It was at this point where, perhaps, the Choir’s weakness showed. The choir seemed to have been drowned out by the melodious accompaniment (of a piano) on quite a few occasions, and sometimes didn’t have the energy or the power to put the lyrics across. The addition of choreography, however, was a nice touch to the three performances and might have made up for those shortcomings.

The two student conductors, Ong Ding Yi (left) and Poh Shu Yun (right)

The concert ended with Roads, a song that commemorates the friendships and bonds that have tied the Choir together for years. The Alumni Choir then pertinently made its way back on stage to join the current batch of Choir members for the last song.

The Alumni Choir returned to give yet another stunning performance to TPJCians

Plaisir de Chanson may have changed its venue from last year, with the Esplanade Concert Hall replacing the Victoria Concert Hall, but the feel of the entire performance remains unchanged. It still sees many ex-TPJCians, young and old and current students gathering at one venue. And, I am confident that it will stay that way for many years to come - for who doesn’t wish to be enthralled by the Joy of Song?


Anonymous said...

i think if you want photos, you can try looking for one from the school album...

azhar said...

Thanks for the info. Never thought of that.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to applaud the Choir for their great performance! (: The song Resonemus Laudibus sure did bring me beautiful memories. :D Well done!

Gabriel said...

haha.. thx... anyway i think think this concert was better than other concerts i've performed together with TPJChoir..

thx everyone who has contributed to the success of this concert!

wanwanwan said...

Yeap I really enjoyed the performance :)

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