TPJC Puree: 'LIVE' Discussion On GP Topics

Written by azhar.

Our Head of Department (HOD) for General Paper, Mrs Toh, once said that the greatest weakness of tpjcians when writing their GP essays is their inability to provide substantial and concrete examples for their points. Furthermore, we tend to lay out a feeble argument with respect to the question. The inability to present our points well has reduced our potential of getting high marks, or even a mere pass.

Therefore, I have decided to initiate a new feature here in TPJCian magazine. It is known as TPJC Puree and it aims is to give a broader perspective to what we learn for GP in college. TPJC Puree will provide a mash of news, examples and opinions from different individuals who will engage in a 'LIVE' discussion in this online magazine.

I really hope that this initiative will at least help boost the number of points that can be applied a relevant GP topic. Moreover, this feature will also help practice your critical or higher order thinking skills. You will get to witness different opinions and hence able to exercise your analytical and evaluative skills. From here, we can make sure that the relevant content is already available in our fingertips when we sit for our examinations.

A good GP grade is an imperative prerequisite for anyone who wishes to enter a university. A good command in language will also broaden the choices for the university courses offered to you. Let's work hard together and achieve great results for it.

The details for the first 'LIVE' TPJC Puree session is as follows:

Session 001
Topic: 'Is Monetary Aid The Best Solution To Help The Less Fortunate?'
1st June 2008 (Sunday)
TPJCian magazine
Panelists: Ng Ding Jie (07A07), Lee Wen Jie (07S02), Lim Wei Liang Daniel* (07S30), Sharon Ho Pei Pei (06S07)

*awaiting confirmation

Please write your name if you attending below. I need to collate how many people are participating. If the response and feedback is good, I will present this to the GP department. Who knows, we shall be the first college to conduct 'LIVE' discussions among teachers and students every week. Thank you.



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