23rd Student Council Investiture

The article was originally written and submitted by Pooja Rai of 08S15. We have turned it into a video. Do enjoy.

Update: Oops. Mr Reuben Anand Tyagrajen is the president of TPJC’s Alumni. He was not the president for TPJC's first Student Council, as reported earlier. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please take note of this change in the video.

Written by Pooja Rai.

The 23rd Student Council Investiture was held on 29 April 2008 and was graced by Mr Reuben Anand Tyagrajen, president of TPJC’s Alumni. It was a mesmerising event where the 22nd Student Council stepped down to make way for the 23rd to step up. This year, the theme for the investiture was Candeo, which means to shine, glow brilliantly and sparkle. The investiture started with our vice-principal, Mr Bala’s speech. This was followed by a speech given by Mr Reuben, our distinguished guest of honour.

As the 22nd got ready for their walk-in, a montage that was put together by the 23rd Council, was shown. The atmosphere was filled with joy as the 22nd walked-in one last time, together, as a council. In recognition of their countless contributions, the school presented the councillors of the 22nd council with plaques which they received from Mr. Reuben. As the 22nd council president, Daniel Lim gave his speech, it was visible that many councillors were moved to tears.

Finally, after much anticipation, the 23rd student council walked in to the beats of the theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean. This year’s executive committee compromises of Nathan Daniel Sekhar as President, Dickson Chng as Vice-President, Priya as Secretary, Wendy Lim as Head of Finance, Abigail Abraham as Head of Operations and Siti Safiyah as Head of Student Affairs.

Photo courtesy of Livert.

Sentiments ran high as the 22nd pinned the badges on for the 23rd council. The pinning of the badges signifies the handover of responsibilities that the 22nd had held. After the badge pinning ceremony, Nathan delivered his speech which was an extremely inspiring one that was followed by the council oath. Finally, the council, 22nd and 23rd, rose and joined their hands to sing the council song.

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