My Race Has Just Started, Says Athlete

Written by berlin.

This year's track and field meet was a special one, not just for my class and I, but for the college as well. We had a list of many new events, that is march pass, cheer leading, novelty events and many more. It was a special day, especially for my class, 07s10. Its was our last track and field meet in TPJC and perhaps forever our only chance to garner as many medals or trophies as possible.

Also, everyone was in high spirits attributing to the fact that the girls managed to clinch their spots in the finals for all possible team events (4x100, 12x100) and also our pre-track meet finals for 4x400m which gave us confidence. Having trained for the past few Sundays, today was the day to shine. I won't say we were in top form today, neither would I say that we didn't do our best. It was not just about the speed of the runners, it was about team work. Team work is crucial in such team events, without a doubt. Techniques and speed of runners definitely do play a part, but I'm not a runner so I'm in no position to say that.

The sun was high in the sky when assembly ended. Our class quickly gathered in our formation, all in preparation for the match pass. It wasn't all that fantastic, however deep in our hearts we wanted to give all we got, for the sake of ourselves, our class and our house - FALCON. Soon after, the first event began. 100m girls. An event which got my heart beating faster than normal. It was not just another race, it was the first race, and more importantly, it was my race. Deep inside, I knew the chances of me winning was rather slim, given the number of athletics participating.

However, being the only one to represent the house, how can I bear to disappoint them? With little faith, I reported at the starting block. Not too long later, Mr Samad said the words, 'Runners, ke garisan.' There was no time to panic any longer, my heart starts to beat vigorously as I walked to the starters block and got into the starting position on lane 3. He shot the gun and off we went, I tried to keep in pace with the runner beside me. Soon after, it ended, a little too quickly. A line judge came over to me, and he told me I've got third. I jumped for joy, this was my first (and last) trophy this year. Although I did not come in first, I knew that I've put in my best, it was totally unexpected, I was ecstatic. I did it, not just for me, but also for my house. In high spirits, my team and I got ready for our next event, 4x100m.

This time round, it was not just about me, myself and I any longer; it was about us. Placed in lane 4, we were pressured. Thoughts went through our head- What if we were unable to live up to our expectations? What if... ... Many thoughts surged through our minds as we watched our juniors run their race. The whistle was blown and the starters gun was fired, signifying that our race has started.

Our race, is just a begining of another story.



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