TPJCians Have Done It. And They Will Do It Again.

Written by azhar.

The Project Work results for the 2007 batch of tpjcians have just been released at around 12.40pm today. The atmosphere in the hall was buoyant. Some were nervous, while others seem content probably because their Supervising Tutors (STs) have shared the good news with them.

Mdm Sukhvinder Kaur addressed the college first, followed by our principal. Tpjcians were cheering at almost every statement that Mdm Sukhvinder said, so much so that she had to remind them to allow her to complete her speech. Tpjcians have done the college proud by obtaining outstanding results for their Project Work (PW).

Here are the statistics for the 2006 PW results:
A 3.5%
B 43.7%
C 48.3%
D 4.6%
E 0.12%

And below are the 2007 percentages for the respective grades:
A 34.7%
B 53.7%
C 11.3%
D 0.26%
E 0.00%

As shown from the data shown above, the percentages for the number of A and B grades have increased from 3.5% to 34.7% (+31.2) and 43.7% to 53.7% (+10.0) respectively. The percentage for distinctions have multiplied almost 10 times from the previous year. Moreover, the percentages for D and E grades have gone down from 4.6% to 0.26% (-4.34)and 0.12% to 0.00% (-0.12) respectively.

Like what Ms Helen Choo said - three cheers for TPJC! Let's do the double and achieve great results for our upcoming 'A' levels.


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