Father And Daughter Revealed They Had Baby Together

Written by azhar.

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Where have our ethics gone to? Has it been shadowed by the sexual lust and temptations that stimulates they way we behave today. A father and daughter have behaved outlandishly by openly revealing to the press that they know their acts of incest were wrong but still succumb to their emotions.

The family was reunited after 30 years and they soon start a physical relationship almost instantly after the death of the wife. The South Australian couple John and Jenny Deaves, have two babies during their relatioship. The older one died due to a congenital heart disease.

This was what the father had to say:

"I knew it was illegal. Of course, I knew it was illegal but you know, so what."

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Jana said...

In my opinion, I feel that its not the asians that behave in such a outrageous way. Asians most of the times conform to the society's norms. Like seen in the article it is not an asian couple.

But I will not forget the time when strait times reported a malay wife asked the daughter to go with the father. But again I feel this is a isolated case and cannot be taken as a example of the Asians.


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