Vandalism On Independent Candidates' Posters...What Do You Think?

Written by azhar.

The Student Council independent candidates campaigning process has begun since yesterday morning. Sixteen potential councilors have spoken in front of the rest of the student population in the college stadium. Some have shone, while others have withered.

The voting procedure will begin this upcoming Friday and all candidates have cracked their brains to produce the best speeches and posters to sway the students' votes towards them. The advertising campaign is concentrated in the college foyer, where a board is set up specially for the candidates to pin up their masterpieces.

However, behind this election buzz, some tpjcians have been busy vandalizing a few posters of the independent candidates. Below are some of the pictures:



In my opinion, the posters should remain inviolate. Students are expected to at least respect the hard work of the candidates who have without doubt taken much commitment for their respective campaigns. Thus, I believe this act of vandalism is rather obnoxious.

If you least prefer a particular candidate, translate it in the voting polls.

[Is this act of vandalism acceptable? Is this a form of freedom of expression? What is your view? Share and comment below.]


Jana said...

In my opinion, vandalism is the most irresponsible way of showing your dislike on a particular issur/person. Thus I feel it should be condemned.

Vandalism cannot be confused with freedom of expression, as the latter is substantiated with facts and is presented to the party in a tactful tone and is done after taking into consideration that all consequences will be beared. Vandalism does not take into account all of this.

Thus I highly condemn vandalism.

Candidate said...

I'm very happy that besides people that know me, there's still people who actually cared about such acts. The first day I have my picture on, it was really an exciting and joyful moment for me. But I was really disappointed when I heard that my picture got vandalised. It was really heart-breaking. But it does not hurt as much when I got the idea that, there still is uncivilised beings living among the crowd.
Thus, I hope he would realise his/her doings one day not soon from now. A sincere apology would be accepted by any candidate as long as the person would apologise.

Miss.Understood said...

It's rather startling to see JC students doing such folly acts. Sure it may have been funny if it was a primary/secondary school, but we're 17 and 18yr olds now. The vandalism only reflects the improper upbringing of the person who did it and shows that this person obviously lacks thought for others. It takes guts to put up your photo for whole sch to see and stand for election. We all should appreciate that, instead of being foolish by vandalising it.

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