Relationships In College: A Motivation Or Distraction?

Can being in a relationship actually encourage you to do better in your studies? Or will it backfire and distract you instead? I am not sure about you, but I think it really depends on how you divide your time for studying and spending quality time with your partner. Your level of maturity in dealing with the ups and downs of a relationship plays a significant role too.

I have seen couples who did well in their examinations. Either partner is proficient at a particular subject and tips are exchanged among each other. They motivate each other and improve on their respective weaknesses. Such activity is useful and helpful in producing better results, but we do not need to be in a relationship to do that, do we?

So what makes engaging in a relationship better than the common hi-talk-bye friendships that we already have? I think it all boils down to love and the commitment that comes with it. Your boyfriend or girlfriend may be more dedicated to spend more time with you studying as compared to your normal friends.

Sometimes, our normal friends may prefer quality studying time on their own. I believe it is different in the case of our soul mates. They tend to grab any opportunity to study with us. It is known as love. And love connects people more than anything else.

Whatever that is written above actually happened in real life, and that is why I am able to share it with you. In other words, the above hypothesis had been proven true. One example I can never forget is the story of a repeat student from my Secondary School. It was as if he fell into a deep hole and was abandoned there for years before finally meeting someone on top working hard to pull him up back to the surface.

That person is none other than his beloved girlfriend and he eventually came out of the hole as one of the top students in school. He shared his story of how his partner sacrificed a lot of her time to coach him in his studies - something rare before he met her. I remembered clearly how he told us he was inspired by the sheer determination of his companion and wanted to do well in the 'O' levels not only for himself and his family, but also to make her proud.

Nonetheless, it is vital to remind oneself that an overdose of love can 'kill' you and your results. Being in a relationship can definitely be a huge distraction for you, deviating your attention away from lecture notes and tutorial worksheets. Spending too much time holding hands, hugging and kissing replaces the plus and minus signs with breasts, lips, butt, sex and more sex.

And then comes the heartbreaking break-ups. Being able to get over it well and fast requires a high degree of maturity. What I mean is that only a matured person can fully realize that life needs to go on! Letting your mind pick up the shattered pieces of broken heart and attempting to glue them back means a lot of study time burnt. You may lose consistency, a key determinant of success in college.

Just remember that while love can be helpful, an overdose of it will definitely paralyze you. And one more thing, there are true friends out there who are also very committed to help you in your studies in whatever way he or she can.


hanjie said...

i think liking someone but nt able to be together is worse than when u r together. cos u r constantly thinking of him/her yet u r nt sure that she will accpet u... well, that jus my opinion.

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