Obama Clearly Won Cyber War

Like many other millions of youngsters out there, I came to know about Obama via the Internet (or to be more specific Youtube). His speeches somehow threw a spell on me as I listened intently and closely to the message he was bringing across to his supporters. I felt as if I was hypnotized.

The new media has played a significant role in Obama's campaign. He knows and understands the power and influence of social networks, video sharing websites and blogs. Most importantly, he recognizes the pervasiveness of the new media in today's society - it's just everywhere.

Mr Obama has profiles in two of the most popular social networking or utility available in the Internet now - Facebook and MySpace. The profile pages acted like a medium for his campaign team to connect and communicate with party supporters. Moreover, having profiles in such 'hip and cool' websites effectively makes him appealing to younger Americans.

Mr Obama is probably the first Presidential candidate (now -elect) to have his very own video sharing website named after himself - Youbama.com. Fans share their videos through the website and are able to vote their favourite videos to the top.

Check out the statistics below comparing both candidates' website:


Pretty amazing right?

Hmm...I wonder if www.leehsienloong.com will be up soon...


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