'A' Levels

A few more days and it is all over. Taking 'A' levels is like taking a roller coaster ride with Ms Helen Choo beside you (what kind of an analogy is that?). It is like having to feel depressed for the difficult papers, but at the same time being motivated by your friends to look forward and do better for the upcoming papers (confused? try reading again).

I have learnt a lot from 'A' levels. The number one most important lesson I can extract from the examinations is to find a purpose of taking the examinations. I think there is a difference between taking the 'A' levels for the sake of enjoying the freedom soon after it ends and taking it to achieve our dreams in the future.

Even so, different dreams have different impacts to the person who is taking the examinations. If you dream only to be a rich person with a high-paying job and nothing else, then you will only gain the technical information from the papers you sit for. You are going to be the next contestant in the rat race.

However, if you dream to become a happy man with a happy family living in a happy world full of happy friends, then what you profit from the examinations are the life skills and knowledge. You are going to be the audience for the rat race.

Your intentions are important. Obama wants to be the next President of the United States Of America as he intends to unite the whole country. George Bush wants to start a war in Iraq (and decided to leave other more troubled countries in Africa such as Rwanda) as he intends to grab the black gold.

As for me, I intend to take the 'A' levels to create a better life for my family and the people around me.


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