EXCLUSIVE: Prom Night Details Released!

What can we expect for Prom Night this year? Find the answer to this question and more in this exclusive interview with Felina Bte Fadzli Tan of 08A06, the overall in charge of the event of the year.

Why Midnight Masquerade?
As a committee, we chose the theme Midnight Masquerade because we feel that Midnight is a time which exudes a kind of mystical aura. Masquerade, on the other hand signifies a form of metamorphosis. And so collectively, Midnight Masquerade is a theme which encapsulates a magical change.

What food and beverage will be served?
The J2s will be served an eight-course dinner. The menu, however, will vary. It will depend whether the table is a Muslim one or a Chinese one. But we (the Prom committee) can assure you the food will not be bad :)
The event will be strictly non-alcoholic as we have to abide to college regulations.

What kind of performances will be lined up?
The performance schedule is currently still in the works. But the J2s can expect performances which are heartfelt and sincere :)

Who is the host for this year’s Prom Night?
The college has decided to engage an events company to help with the running of the Prom. The emcee will be someone from the company, Adrenalin Events. The name of the emcee is Richardo and trust us (the Prom committee), he is a really nice chap and can be quite a joker (not in a corny way)!

P/S: He was Prom King of his college back when he was in Temasek JC.

What prizes can we expect for the Prom Queen and Prom King?
All the prizes given to the Prom Queen and Prom King will come in pairs (his and hers). At the moment, we are looking into skincare products, perfumes, vouchers, and possibly timepieces :)

Are you and your team nervous for the big night?
Oh hell yeah we are! The word nervous itself is truly an understatement. We know how important this event is and we really really really (x 1 000 000) do not want to screw it up for the J2s! We will do what we can to put together an awesome Prom which will be so unforgettable (in a good way!) and the memories will stay etched in your hearts for eternity.


hanjie said...

wad kind r u suposed to wear for Midnight Masquerade? black n white only? or?

whereareouttickets said...

i have a very important question.


I thought we are SUPPOSED to get them earlier or sth so that you guys tear it during PROM????


Felina said...

hello there :)

there's no specific colour theme!
though i would suggest dark hues to tie in with the 'Midnight' part.
but really, it's your call!

and since it's Masquerade, don't forget your mask :)

as for the tickets, the teachers in charge have decided to distribute the tickets ONLY on the day of the Prom.

during registration, the table ICs will collect the tickets for everyone sitting in their tables.

the teachers have decided to issue the tickets in this manner because they do not want the students to lose their tickets before the Prom :)

do come early for registration, which starts at 630pm!
plus, there'll be a professional photobooth as part of the pre-programme line-up :)


Anonymous said...

midnight masquerade? isnt that MJC's prom theme for this year too?

azhar said...

Woah. If that is true, what a coincidence then.

mengjinn said...

maybe it's too common? cuz my secondary school also has the same theme, save the midnight..

Anonymous said...

so masks are compulsory? if yes, shouldnt u announce it to everyone if not it'll be weird for some people to wear and others not to.

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