Starting from today, we will review one new blog hosting service for the next four weeks. We hope our posts will help broaden your choices when considering which blogging platform to use for your next virtual diary.

Pocket Manila
(previously known as moeskine.com) is a service which enables its users to share their thoughts online through virtual notebooks . It allows users to customize their notebooks by choosing the right colours to match their personalities. They can change the top, middle and bottom colours of the notebook with just a few clicks. It is all about mixing and matching the colours until the perfect combination is produced.

One innovative feature that Pocket Manila possess is the the Quick-Flip. Unlike most Blogger and Wordpress websites whereby we are forced to scroll the page down to read the full posts, Pocket Manila's Quick-Flip allows readers to flip pages just by dragging your mouse either from left to right (forward) or otherwise. Long posts are automatically divided into several pages.

Pocket Manila was also set up to promote less use of paper. The name was inspired by the recycled manila paper journal. The online application aims to be a useful tool that can be used to store useful information and notes in our everyday lives, just like what a real notebook can do.

The service is still under beta mode and users may encounter problems updating their notebooks once in a while. I tried to sign up and create my first virtual notebook with Pocket Manila but was greeted with this message instead:


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