Polish Your Understanding Of Organic Chemistry With TeacherTube

As a visual learner, I often rely on visual aids such as diagrams, pictures and videos in order to refine my understanding of a particular subject, especially Chemistry. For example, I memorized my Organic Chemistry concepts by viewing recorded lectures available in Youtube. It is definitely more interesting and engaging then merely reading handouts provided by my tutor.

I have found a very good website that can help you polish your understanding of Organic Chemistry. It is known as TeacherTube and it strives to lay out a safe platform for educators to share their instructional videos with students anywhere and anytime. The website is reliable as every video is reviewed intensively by the staff to ensure that they are of high quality. And most importantly, the service is absolutely free.

I strongly suggest you watch the video below if you are still struggling with Organic Chemistry. It is as if your lecturer is teaching you using a tablet PC, but the only difference is that it all happens at the comfort of your home!


Jim Reeves said...

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