Piglet Born With A Human-Like Head

Residents of Southeast Minahasa (Indonesia), especially in Desa Watuliney, Kecamatan Belang, were alerted on the birth of a pig which owns a human-like face. The abnormal pig was born early this year and weighed around 1.5kg. According to Harian Komentar, the newborn piglet possessed the voice of a monkey.

The animal was removed from its pigsty and transferred into its owner's house so that visitors could view it more easily. Several local citizens commented that the birth of the piglet was a sign that the doomsday was approaching real soon.

I believe the pig is suffering from a rare form of birth defect. I am not sure if it can be classified as cyclopia though as the newborn has two eyes, not one. After reviewing the pictures below, I think the nose and mouth of the piglet failed to form normally resulting in the distorted facial features. It is most probably just a mild form of developmental disorder.

You can read more about cyclopia HERE.


jonathan said...

That is fucking scary. One of its parents was obviously human and had sex with a pig.

Anonymous said...

HAHA!!! i was just thinking the same thing!!!

>.< said...

that's creepy on so many levels.. =S

Anonymous said...

awww- poor piggy! sometimes things just happen like that in nature. He probably won't live. Poor pigglet. who everthinks that is scary is a jackass.

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