TPJC Band Festival '08: The Bloggers' Review

Our very own band team, together with our friends from Chong Boon Secondary School, Maris Stella High School and St Anthony Canossians School, staged a concert on 18th December. The event was held in our college auditorium at 7.30pm. Quite a number of bloggers (from TPJC and beyond) had written positive reviews of the festival. We are delighted and would like to congratulate them for the amazing night. Well done guys!

In fact, we actually decided to want to go to Orchard to look for a bag but change of plans since I wanted to go for the TPJC concert held yesterday. Surprisingly, TPJC band wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. They played rather well. The timpani player had attitude when playing it. You could see how professional she was. Other than the host performing, there were 3 other bands performing too. If i am not mistaken, they were SAC,MSH and HB. It was okay. NCO people were nice. Especially Kelly. Hehe. Her high pitch laugh. Haha.

YippEE! I went for the Band fest of TPJC. It was a collaboration of Maris Stella, St Anthony and Chong Boon. Wow I was impressed by the performance. I felt that the cheesy style of playng like how my school band used to play doesn't buy me over anymore...It was a feeling full of admiration for the professionalism. Well, I guess I just couldn't stand the new conductor whose standard of playing wasn't even considered good. AHAHA =P

It was only TPJC's conductor that made me feel like that :)

Everyone clap!
Tpjc band fest was a BLAST!
Super high can, when the tpjc performed, clap screamed shouted like some insane person sia.

hmm..went to meet sherie they all at TM around 5 plus for dinner before we all headed to TPJC for the band performance.

didnt noe that there were actually oso 3 other secondary school bands performing there sia..omg?..and i think 5 dollars for 4 schools performing is damn cheap la..they shld have raised the ticket price..lol..kk..understand that they dont performing just to earn the money la huh..hah..sry sry..

the 3 secondary schools were Chong Boon,Maris Stella and St Anthony's Canossian Secondary School.

TPJC band performing their last encore piece!..a list of christmas medley!hah..if u noticed,they were actually wearing the christmas hats!..and there were even bubbles!..lol..

the performances by the different schools were great man..my fave schools are TPJC and Maris Stella..and i like the piece named 'sea of wisdom' performed by TPJC..hah..

Went for TPJC concert yesterday. Was great. I liked 'Sea of wisdom' best, for some reason. Had to return home by myself cause I didn't want to longbang Lina's friend's dad's car. Also realised how close TPJC is to Kaki Bukit... Didn't even know that before-..-

Mr Chiang: You guys were simply great yesterday! :) Big thanks to the exco, especially Ikhsan and Idy. WELL DONE everyone!


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