How To Make The Most Of Your Holidays

After the torment known to us as the A Levels, we are faced with another form of torture: the agonizing wait till Results Day, and then another agonizing wait to be accepted into a university. That leaves us with roughly 6 months to do...nothing. So here are 5 ways to make the most of your holidays, and spend your days doing something other than wandering around the house!

1. Meet up with friends.
Organize outings with your friends: reunions, class/CCA gatherings, and so on. Watch movies, rent a chalet, have a potluck picnic at the beach, shop, play games or WHATEVER! Crash at someone's house. It's funner when you don't have to spend much, so get your friends to bring their own games/movies/food!

2. Catch up on movies/TV shows.
Rent movies or TV shows that you've always wanted to watch but never had the time to. Now that there's no school, you've got all the time in the world! Some of my personal favourites include: The Outsiders, The Queen of the Damned, The Phantom of the Opera, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Juno, and 50 First Dates. (But please, try and steer away from Twilight.)

3. Get a job.
Not only do you get more spending cash, but if your job is related to the course you want to do in university, it bumps up your application, giving you an edge over the other 100+ students clamouring for the same course as you. Start off by looking in the Classifieds, or find jobs online. Websites like st701.com or jobsdb.com are good, but they may appear daunting to first-time job applicants, as 'Employment History' is one of the compulsory fields to fill in. And if all else fails, convince your working parent that every day for the next few months is Take-Your-Kid-To-Work Day!

4. Start your own blogshop.
Blogshops are fairly easy to create. If you've got a hobby like knitting, sewing, baking or anything at all, then why not put it to use: sell these items! Have fun making them and have fun selling them! Better yet, grab a few friends and pool your resources and your contacts together and start up the best blogshop ever!

5. Learn a new skill, or brush up an old one.
Community centres offer plenty of courses in a range of fields: music, dance, yoga, pilates, cooking...If your wallet doesn't allow for that, ransack your nearest library for every book they have on a new thing you're interested in. Now is an especially good time to do so, as regular library card holders can borrow up to 8 books, and premium card holders, 16.

There are plenty of things that you can do in the holidays. So get off the computer and start enjoying your holidays!

The writer is not paid for endorsing any of the above-mentioned companies. The writer is merely sharing information, and wishes she would get paid for mentioning them.


Anonymous said...

great tips!
but why steer away from twilight???
i hope to watch it with my frens this coming Sat. not good movie meh?

Bhavna said...

The first half is, like the book, really lovey-dovey-mushy-OMG-he's-so-hot-he-dazzles-me kinda shizz, but then it does get better, especially when the other vampires come in. I'd rather encourage you to wait until the DVD comes out, but in the end it's up to you! =)

brennan said...

You forgot to mention Singapore's nightlife as an avenue of time killing goodness. The Booze is our Friend.

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