SPECIAL: Why The Post-Prom Party Was Not Approved

I sent an enquiry to Ms Dawn Ng, one of the teachers-in-charge of Student Council, and she had kindly agreed to explain why this year's post-Prom party was not approved by the college.

Dear Ms Ng,

Is it possible for you to reveal why the college disapprove the post-prom party this year. A number of JC2s are puzzled why it was approved last year and not this year? I remembered posters of last year's post-prom party was all over the college.Thank you. = )

Her response:

Hi Azhar,

In response to your enquiry, here is an explanation why we did not approve the post-prom this year.

Firstly, the college did not approve of a post-prom last year.

It was more like there was an external party that was privately planned and the organizers asked the school admin if they could just paste posters in our college. It was not a collaboration with the college. The students who were involved were also involved in their personal capacity.

Secondly, that post-prom was a strictly non-alcoholic event, which then makes it a lot less complicated. The one proposed this year allows alcohol to be sold. This is not something we want to encourage regardless of whatever measures are taken.

Thirdly, last year's post prom was not a council event. This year, they wanted to collaborate with us but were rejected. The students involved then went further to bypass the teachers and the committee to get the councillors involved in publicity, despite the fact they have been rejected 2 days earlier.

Original, unedited Post-Prom message delivered to JC2 students:

"Hello class reps! Please please please help spread the word to your class that there will be a post prom part at Zouk after prom on the first of Dec. Pre-sales are going at 20 whereas ticket at the door is 25. Tickets are limited to 600 and tpjcians are allowed to bring their friends along(16 and above). Doors will be opened at 10 and the first 300 will receive a goodie bag. Every ticket is entitled to one free drink(alcoholic). There will be 2 house band performances. A booth will be set up in front of the council room for the sales of tickets. It will be open from 29th Sept to 10 Oct."

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Anonymous said...

bla bla bla. come on. we are no longer kids.

Anonymous said...

haha. whoever wrote alcoholic in that message was just plain dumb.
no offence in anyway.

Anonymous said...

dude, alcohol was so totally served at last year's post prom? and hello, majority of the j2s are 18. that makes us LEGAL to drink and responsible for our own choices.

Anonymous said...

ok! haha thanks for spreading the msg on this blog yea! im definitely going to zouk and im calling my friends with me =D

hbk said...

lol. it is not approved la. you go no other tpjcians there la.

anyway...yes it is legal but drinking alcohol is not good. so the college disapprove of it.

gissy said...

What people who think the school's decision of disapproving and not collaborating is stupid should do, is UNDERSTAND that clubbing or whatever is still deemed as INAPPROPRIATE. We are not America. A SCHOOL, is not for post prom parties. A school CANNOT approve of anything that has alcohol (if it was within their knowledge in the first place).

So, whether or not you all are "kids", or if you are "LEGAL", the school CANNOT approve. Want your own party? Go play at zouk, go 7-eleven and buy a ton of drinks and bring home and drink or something.

azhar said...

I think the college admin just want to make it clear that it does not endorse alcohol consumption. Moreover, they would be responsible if anything goes wrong. So yeah.

Anonymous said...

Our prom is on a Monday. Who goes zouk on mondays? And even if it's open, majority of the people would be TPJCians.

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