Ms Choo's Words Clearly Misinterpreted

Written by Chin Wei Hao (08S10).
This is the second blog post by the author.

Ms Choo was giving her speech of the day when it suddenly came to the part on sleeping in lectures. She emphasized on the fact that if we are really tired from all the studying or the lack of sleep and that we are so bored during lectures, it would be perfectly fine for us to sleep during lectures to refresh ourselves.

Many of the J1 students either laughed or applauded on hearing these words and my friend said it was "the most meaningful words" she has ever said to her students. However, I have to comment that most students already do sleep in lectures before she even made the speech.

Moreover, most students misinterpreted her words on sleeping in lectures, thinking that we could simply sleep in ALL lectures and chose not to care about what the lecturer is presenting. This is a very grave mistake my fellow friends are making. Perhaps we could take a short nap if we are really tired, have prepared the lecture notes or even finished the tutorials, but under other circumstances, it would be inappropriate to be so indifferent to the lecturer.

One of my friends even had her teacher copying the notes for her because she was taking a nap during her H1 Maths lecture. I simply hope that fellow TPJCians should have sufficient sleep before coming to school so that they can concentrate during all lessons.


nemo said...

She shouldnt have said it in the beginning.
Just my 2 cents worth.

fucbap said...

haha having sufficient slp's not an easy task

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