TPJC Guitar Ensemble To Release New CCA T-Shirts Soon

Simple, cool and eye-catching. Those are the three words which I believe perfectly describe the new CCA T-shirts designed for Guitar Ensemble members. The new collar T-shirts, which are slated for release early next month, have a logo and the name of the CCA (and college) printed on the front and back respectively.

I love the logo. It looks like a spider web sticking on the face of the guitar from far. The fonts used for the name of the CCA (and college) are elegant. The bright green design look more eye-catching than the red one. The contrasting hues for the former makes the logo and words stand out, even from a great distance away.

Take a look at their new designs:

Front view

Back view

The red and black design

Photos taken from SOURCE.


hanjie said...

y so specifically post abt guitar? u from guitar? if nt almost every cca got like new design every year one...lol

azhar said...

@hanjie: Nope. I am not from guitar. It is just that this is the only one that is available online (that I know of).

Of course, if anyone of you have designs of your CCA T-shirts (for 2008/09), do share with us!

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