Tpjc.net Way Better Than AsknLearn

Written by Koh Han Jie (07S22).

So what if NUS or NTU or whatever institution is using the AsknLearn portal?

Why do we need to get used to the portal? I am sure our generation will not have a major problem using the AsknLearn system in the future as we are tech-savvy. Therefore, I seriously do not understand why several parties of the college insist we use AsknLearn when we already have our very own tpjc.net! Tpjc.net is way better than AsknLearn. It has a better user interface and is much more user-friendly than AsknLearn. The only bad thing I can think of tpjc.net will be the presence of distractions like the Photoshare and the forums.

If the reason for not posting the '08 papers and solutions is that students are misusing the solutions by referring to the solution before even trying out the question, then I do not think it is such a big problem as only a handful of students are committing that crime. The '07 papers are still available in tpjc.net! Why don't they remove the 07 papers as well?

I think the importance of making the Prelim papers and solutions more accessible outweighs the problem of misusing the solution, as the teachers are can go through only a few college papers. We can still be doing other papers on our own after class ends. Hence, it will be very useful if the papers and solution are easily available in tpjc.net.

Personally I'm not in favour of the idea of collecting papers or solutions from the photocopying shop. I prefer to download the papers during my own free time. This allows me to do the paper and print the solution only after I finsh doing the papers. A trip to the photocopying shop is just another troublesome trip. Also, the photocopying shop only accept group or class orders for exam papers - no individual orders are allowed.

No offence intended to anyone. If any, my sincerest apologies to you.


Anonymous said...

tpjc is just trying too hard to be different ah. wtf sia seriously. i wont be surprised if this batch results would be as bad as last year despite those useless SRP they once put us through.

hanjie said...

is e sch listening at all???

Anonymous said...

tpjc admin are bloody stupid, no wonder tpjc has been a neighborhood school

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