Who Will Be Ami Yousoff's Successor?

TPJC's favourite teddy bear, Ami, is fast losing his steam updating our online forum. He is now busy preparing his 'A' level examination which begins in about 30 days. His virtual charisma is fast depleting into thin air and there seems to be no one who stands out among the cyber crowd now. In short, our forum joker is missing.

Well, not really actually. A few Tpjcians have pointed out to me the potential forum jokers that will entertain us in the future. He needs to be -of course- funny, open and creative. Writing jokes (although sometimes lame) is only part of his job; he must also contribute in our online discussions.

Joshua, Leonard and Chin Wei Hao. These are some names which top our list as the future forum jokers in TPJC. Joshua is very much well-known for intiating new threads which covers almost everything - from Project Work to his famous 'You know you are in TP when...' thread. Leonard, on the other hand, has slowly but certainly shined with his trademark 'TS' comments. And finally Chin Wei Hao, the guy who is the epitome of a useful spammer (although he spams quite a lot, no one can deny the fact that he has contributed a lot in various threads).

If you ask me, I think it is no longer a one-man job for the next forum joker. Leonard and Wei Hao seem to be gelling well with each other. You can view them commenting each other and they are definitely having fun together. They are both very active online. Wherever there is Leonard, there will be Wei Hao. As for Joshua, the recent spate of criticisms has certainly 'quietened' him down. Nonetheless, I am predicting new and creative threads by him soon.

Forum jokers are important. It is just like how class jokers help make class interesting. Without them, lessons are a bore. In fact, I am pretty confident that the forum jokers are the ones responsible to get Tpjcians talking about the forums. From there, Tpjcians themselves may start to participate in the online discussions.

So who will it be? Let the elections begin.


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siooooooooool ahh

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julius like mia since e post count was corrected...lol

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