Tpjc.net Can Still Be Improved, Says Reader

Written by Liew Chun Tze (07S30).

Tpjc.net was programmed by someone who is a good programmer but whose theory needs some brushing up. He forces us to use Internet Explorer by using some tags which retrieves the browser, before formulating the page.

He should have developed the website using certain standards - which he did not. Therefore, unless we fix Tpjc.net then a lot of students would be crippled trying to access the website using other browsers. I recommend that he DOES get it fixed soon.

Others who share the some opinion:

...and please try to make those non-IE pages compatible with the 4 (or coming up 5) most important browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera and maybe Google Chrome[i know it's not out yet, but i heard it's based on Safari again...]) on some of the most important features of TPJC.net (like Achievements!!![very impt coz some people cannot submit for their SGC due to incompatible browser] and ask-a-question [not really since i dun really use it... haha..])

- Gabriel Lim Yan Xu (07S21)

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of the school's website.
It's like a whole ecosystem here.
I do hope that it'll be more firefox friendly in the future, but I know some incompatibility problems just cannot be helped...

- Qashrul Hidafi B Mohamed Noo (07S07)


Kevin said...

In the future, IE will be sold separately (when new windows released, now it is codenamed windows seven) , no longer included in the system. Sooner or later, tpjc.net must be reprogrammed so that it will be compatible with other browser like Firefox, Opera and Safari which are free.

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